10 Popular Google Doodle Games You Can Play Right Now


Google keeps its main search page fresh with fun doodles that change every few days. Occasionally, the doodle is a real game that you can play. All these games are archived and can be played after their time on the home page has elapsed.

These simple, web-based games are perfect for passing the time without having to download anything. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites for you to check out. Enjoying!

How To Play: Follow the link to enter the doodle game. Once there, click or tap the play button to start the game.

#1: Baseball

There have been several sports based doodle games but the one we spent the most time on was Basketball from 4 July 2019.

#2: Pac-Man

Everybody knows Pac-Man. It is not a classic for nothing. The Doodle version is as fun as ever.

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#3: Quick, draw!

Quick, draw! was so popular that it got its own website. You get 20 seconds to draw something and then Google’s neural network tries to guess what it is.

#4: The Scoville Game

The Scoville Game is all about trying to beat spicy peppers over ice. You will learn about the Scoville scale in the process.

#5: Basketball

This is another classic sports game. Look how much pictures you can take within 24 seconds.

#6: Halloween

This fun game by Halloween 2016 let you swipe a magic wand like a cat to defeat ghosts.

#7: Garden gnome

The goal of garden gnome game is to launch a leprechaun as far as you can with a slingshot.

#8: Coding Rabbit

coding rabbit is a great game to introduce your kids to coding. The goal is to use basic block-based coding concepts to help a rabbit get a carrot.

#9: Cricket

Play Cricket with virtual crickets! Just like the baseball game, this one is super addictive.

#10: Rubik’s Cube

Finally, there’s the classic Rubik’s cube. See how fast you can solve the puzzle. Good luck and have fun!

You can find more Doodle games on google doodle website.

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