10 reasons why you should buy a bicycle

Owning a bicycle is and has always been very common for most households, the reason for this is because of its versatile uses, it is also not uncommon for children to own a bicycle, as well as adults to go to work and back, as well as people who own bicycles for recreational use.

Owning a bicycle can also be very healthy, especially if you are actively using it, as many people simply get into or ride a car.

For those who don’t own a bike, the question you might ask is “should I buy one”, and I say yes! Not only is it healthy, but it’s also good for the environment and can be quite fun.

Once you’ve bought a bike or added a new one to your collection, you may need a place to store it. Try one bicycle stand there are many species that all have a different purpose.

That may be the only downside to owning a bike, but if you want to know all the reasons to buy one, scroll on!

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a bike

Improves health and fitness

As briefly mentioned above, using a bicycle can be beneficial to your health, of course because you know that exercise is good for your physical health.

This also reduces the risk of obesity and heart disease while increasing your life expectancy. Cycling can also reduce the risk of cancer by 45%, as well as cardiovascular disease with 46%

Helps improve your mental health and well-being

When you cycle you are of course outside which makes you feel happier and also reduces stress and anxiety.


A great way to make friends or meet new people is to join a cycling club/group, this will also improve your mental health and is a great form of fun.

Saves you money

Bicycles are something that you only have to pay once, unless of course it needs to be repaired, but this is nothing compared to buying a car, paying for repairs, petrol and all the other bills that come with buying a car.

Another thing you can save money on is that you don’t have to go to the gym because you exercise regularly.

Saves the state money

Because cycling improves your health, it also means that you save the state money, because you have to go to the hospital less quickly for your health.

Saves your company money

A study has found that those who cycle to work are more likely to one day less sick per year than non-cyclists.

Cleaner and cleaner streets

Cycling takes up much less space on the road and greatly reduces air and noise pollution.

This in turn will improve air quality, make the environment a lot healthier and the roads more pleasant.

Changing the number of people taking a car would also significantly extend the life of the planet.

Predictable travel times

Biking means you’re in control of your route, you don’t have to follow the roads or traffic, and you can park almost anywhere, making travel easier and more efficient.

Equality of Opportunities

If you’ve ever heard that driving makes you more independent, the same goes for cycling, but this gives everyone the opportunity because there are no age or financial barriers.

Helps boost the UK economy

Cities that are more populated by cars and other vehicles can be a turn-off for many people. If more people cycle it would mean local economies could expand and thus help the UK economy.

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