15 Important Documents You Need To Digitize Now

Do you keep backup copies of important personal documents? Think tax information, car titles, living wills and more. If not, it’s time to make copies. Tap or click here to learn more about scanning photos and documents without purchasing a scanner.

If you’re a small business, it’s critical to have duplicates of those documents as well. But don’t just scan important documents to have more than one hard copy. You also need to digitize them so you have multiple ways to protect them. If an unimaginable fire breaks out, all your paper files can go up in smoke.

Not sure where to start? Do not worry. We are here to help. Here are 15 documents you should keep a digital copy of right now.

Business Blueprints

Some documents are assumed to be only needed once, so keep them on your business computer. A computer crash may require you to rewrite or track them down again. Here are some important documents that you should keep a digital copy of:

Business licenseBusiness planThe deed to your company (if you are the owner of the property)

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Your finances

Running a business is all about working and processing the right numbers. You regularly need certain documents to process payroll, pay taxes and obtain loans. Be sure to back up the following:

Past Tax InformationBank Account InformationFinancial InformationPayroll CertificatesLoan DocumentsInsurance Documents

employee information

If you own a business, chances are you have multiple employees. They rely on you to store their information securely and to have it backed up securely in case something happens. Be sure to keep digital copies of the following documents securely:

Employee bank details/direct deposit Personal identification documents Background checks Current and prospective employees resumes Educational documents such as diplomas Professional certifications, especially documents to be reported related to corporate licenses

Where do I keep them?

As you know, computers can fail. Hard drives crash, power surges happen and can fry your electronics and lose your data.

Even worse, hackers, viruses or ransomware can put you and your employees at risk. Imagine that a hacker gains access to your computer and denies you access to your data until you pay a hefty ransom. Don’t take that risk. Instead, back up your data with a cloud service like our sponsor, I drive.

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