43 Bonkers invented new animals with the power of Photoshop

(Pocket Ribbon) – We love seeing the magical images created by masters of Photoshop, so when we stumbled across a section of Reddit devoted to creating hybrid animals we were ecstatic.

These photos depict a world where anything is possible and create a variety of new breeds by merging one or more species. The results are incredible – hilarious, intriguing and thought-provoking.

Marmot Lion

This cheerful guy just seems to enjoy life. Satisfied sitting on a rock, wind blows through his glorious mane, sun shines on his soft fur.

We can all learn a lesson from the Marmot Lion. A laid back person who just lives the best life with no worries in the world.

crocodile bear

We’ve seen some pretty terrifying hybrid animals on this list, but this one really takes the cake.

All the strength and ferocity of a bear and a crocodile combined into one surprisingly happy-looking guy. Not something we would ever want to encounter in the real world, that’s for sure.

magpie whale

Another small animal with way too many teeth for our taste.

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” would probably have been even more terrifying if the birds had been part killer whales.

Man bear pig

Someone took the Man bear pig character from South Park and turned it into a horrific reality through the power of Photoshop.

It seems he is suffering from roid rage and is really not happy about something.

Hedgehog Toad

Both spiky and slimy at the same time, this little hedgehog toad would probably be more likely to survive in the wild and with a long tongue they could be even more successful at staying clean.

Some of these hybrid creatures may have a better life than the real ones.

Owl Tiger

Owl hybrids just work really well. They are either terrifying or wonderfully majestic.

Sensible tigers would also be an interesting creature to watch in action, as long as it was from a safe distance with David Attenborough narrating.

Shrek .’s donkey

What if Donkey from Shrek was not only a real donkey, but also a hybrid?

Just imagine that world and the interesting conversations you could have with it.

toucan chameleon

Just when you thought chameleons couldn’t get more colorful, someone mixed one up with a toucan.

This one looks like it might be a little front heavy, but definitely interesting.

Cat Elephant

Take a moment, if you will, to imagine the fur balls this thing would cough up.

Sure, it’s an Elephant Cat or Cat Elephant or Kittyphant – so no hair, no problem. We wonder if it still wants belly rubs?

Cat Spider

We are generally not afraid of spiders, but this one is truly terrifying.

Furry, angry, able to hiss and jump great distances while always landing on his feet. Yaks!

Orangutan Panda

Some of these hybrid animal photos make for quite cute and cuddly looking creatures. This so-called Orangupanda does indeed look like a jolly fellow.

Relaxed, contented looking into the distance maybe daydreaming about bamboo shoots or bananas. We’re not sure, but we love it.

Bird Baboon

Another hybrid creature that makes baboons less of a threat, but maybe a bit intimidating to birds.

This little guy looks like he could use a nap.

Armadillo Crab

We imagine not only what some of these creatures would look like if they were real, but also how they would move and live in our world.

Imagine this new animal sauntering sideways for a little merry laughter.

Penguin Kat

We’re not sure if cat fur and snow would be a comfortable mix for this little guy, but somehow both creatures work well together.

Penguins have never looked so cuddly or concerned.

chameleon cat

Imagine a world where your cat blends in with its surroundings, but also has weird eyes that can twist and turn in every direction.

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September 24, 2021

We’re not sure if this would be terrifying or hilarious. However, we are sure that this kitty is up to all sorts of pranks.

Banana Ducks

This one combines food and water-based ducks. A curious show.

We certainly don’t know what would happen if these ducks got overripe, could get messy.

Gold Reseaver

Just look at this puppy. We bet he’s a good boy on land or in the water.

Probably the best swimmer you will ever see and much better at retrieving balls from the water too.


A cross between a bear and a giraffe. We think this was originally a polar bear and we’re not sure if this new color scheme would make for great camouflage, but we do know it looks great.

Owl Wolves

This one combines food and waterborne ducks. A curious show.

We certainly don’t know what would happen if these ducks got overripe, could get messy.

Snowy Owl Leopard

Another hybrid that combines owls with other animals.

This short and stubby hybrid is outrageously beautiful and as majestic as the original creatures used as inspiration.

Seahorse T-Rex

This one is arguably one of the most extreme hybrids on our list.

Seahorses are generally not very dangerous, but this one has a real bee in its hat and teeth to support it. We wonder if an underwater dinosaur could have looked something like this.

Butterfly Elephant

Boring old elephants. All dull and gray and disappointing.

Imagine if they had colorful butterfly-like ears instead. What a wonderful world that would be.

dog rabbit

Fluffy, petite, fond of retrieving canes, this little hybrid has it all.

A beautiful hybrid of a small dog and a rabbit that we think is interesting to have around but difficult to master on walks.

zebra gorilla

Less King Kong and more King Donkey? This hybrid is not only majestic but also beautiful. Somehow more peaceful and thoughtful than both real animals.

We also enjoy the gold earring, a nice unexpected touch to an already beautiful photo.

dog penguin

Cat mixed with a penguin may have resulted in a cute and cuddly hybrid crossed with a dog, but the results are rib-tickling.

That’s a sight only a parent can love. The drool levels would be ridiculous too.

horse seal

Are you feeding this thing fish, sugar cubes or carrots? We can’t tell.

We also wonder how many people would like to take a ride with it. Still an interesting beast.

chicken snake

Aptly named Snaken is as majestic as it is terrifying.

Other possible names for this funny creation were Crockatrice, Snooster and Slitherhen. Whatever you want to call it, the details on the Photoshopping are fantastic.

rabbit bird

Imagine a world where birds were so fluffy instead of feathered. A Redditor asked if the rabbit bird, also known as the Burb, flew with its ears.

We would definitely like to see it in flight, that’s for sure.

whale rhinoceros

We have a feeling that the whale rhinoceros or Whino could be the king of the sea.

That huge horn would certainly be helpful in deterring other sea creatures when looking for a snack. Majestic, beautiful, but probably not very graceful.

horse hippopotamus

This edit was submitted to Reddit with the title “The Graceful and Majestic Horsoppotamus” – a Redditor thanked the uploader for nightmare material.

A weird looking creature for sure. We’re not sure we want to be the one trying to break it.

Crocodile octopus

This thing looks oddly merry and is ready for a good time, but in full size we wouldn’t want to get confused with it.

Imagine the battle a Croctopus could face with all those teeth and a multitude of legs at its disposal.


Have you ever looked at a Zeebra and thought “well, it looks delicious”? New? Well, maybe you have now, especially if you’re a fan of Oreo cookies.

Maybe all white stripes are just cream.

duck frog

What a beast this is. Imagine mixing a frog and a duck in one animal.

Able to jump great heights, fly easily or just float wildly croaking on the water’s surface.

Fox bread?

What if wild foxes doubled as delicious food? Sandwiches on legs?

They probably wouldn’t survive in the wild, but they would definitely make you look twice.

rastro boy


Wienerpede or Sausagepillar, a small dog with an unimaginable amount of tiny paws. Fun or terrifying?

We’re not sure. Yes, it may seem cute, but wait for it to burst into your bedroom first thing in the morning.


We appreciate this one, not only for the high-quality Photoshopping, but also for the wordplay.

Walrus and wool combined into a Woolrus. Just try not to use it for knitting.

eagle elephant

We bet Dumbo would have loved such beautiful ears.

With giant eagle wings for ears, the Disney elephant might have flown around with more grace and enthusiasm.


This little creature sure looks cute and fluffy, but knowing how much trouble cats are, we can’t imagine it would be fun to be around. Imagine those horns banging you constantly while you’re preparing food or just trying to live your existence.

gonzo fishing

The Great Gonzo, the most eccentric of all the muppets, has now been given a new lease of life as a fish.

He doesn’t seem that impressed, but we are. Hats off to the maker Supdog69 for this amazing work of art.


Here we see the little spotted girl. A mixed breed of turtle and giraffe. A creature that still needs a long neck to reach its prey buried deep in the sand or in the middle of coral.


Bears seem to feature prominently on Reddit with people determined to create weird and wonderful creatures by combining them with other animals. Here is a Black Bear mixed with a Black Bird. Edit.


As if Rottweilers weren’t intimidating enough, this Redditor made one even more dangerous by mixing him with a bear. Yaks. Who is a good dog?


Two tree-dwellers – the robin and the golden lion tamarin have not become one. Definitely a nice hybrid. Unfortunately, the golden lion tamarin is an endangered species with only a few thousand left in the world.

Written by Adrian Willings.

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