5 Photo Apps That Make Your Photos Better Without Any Photoshop Skills

We all used to have digital cameras to take pictures of our adventures. However, most of the shots weren’t excellent quality unless you invested in an expensive camera and some lessons on how to use it.

When smartphones hit the market, the ability to take a great photo was available to everyone. Modern devices like iPhone 13 and Google Pixel can take spectacular photos. Even the most amateur photographer can take an excellent photo. Tap or click here for a pro trick to find a photo on your phone in seconds.

But what if you want to touch up a few flaws or adjust the lighting and don’t have any editing skills? Well, here are five photo apps that will make your photos better without any Photoshop skills.


With both a free and pro version, you can’t find a better suite of tools than Picsart. You can edit both videos and photos with the app, and it comes with nice extras if you enjoy posting to social media:

iMessage StickersPaint with StickersObject RemovalOne Tap Magic

Stick with the free version or go pro with a 3 day free trial then $11.99/month after that. It’s available for both android and iOS.

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Not only is Pixlr free on android and iOS, but it also has some neat edges that you won’t find in other editing apps. You will discover Dirty, Flowery and Rustic, giving your photos a professional look. You can also create a custom collage or make simple edits using the standard tools:

BlurSmoothAuto ContrastHealing and Red Eye Removal


One of the few apps on this list without a free version, a download at android or iOS will cost you about $2, but it’s well worth the purchase. With advanced options like object removal and quick fix, you can ensure that you are the only focus of your photo.


Snapseed is free and available for both iOS and android. It is a Google product purchased to keep up with Instagram’s photo capabilities. The app is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, with a long list of editing capabilities that anyone can use:

Healing brush to remove stubborn facial impuritiesGlamour Glow filters to look your best in your selfiesRotate and crop imagesFilters for specific times of photos, including portraits and selfiesAdjusts to the saturation of the image

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you want a Photoshop-like experience with no technical training, Photoshop Express should be on your download list. It makes the editing process a breeze.

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Make routine adjustments, such as removing red-eye and pimples, while performing complex edits such as cropping, noise reduction, and collage making. There is a free option for iOS and androidbut you can also upgrade to the premium tier for just $34.99 per year or $4.99 per month.

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