5 ways to engage with your target audience through Digital Signage

Customer engagement is simple in theory. Further, digital signature can help you improve it practically if you use it properly. In a digital age where customers spend their time on digital gadgets, don’t overlook digital signage solutions. Unfortunately, digital signage marketing is a brilliant strategy that many entrepreneurs have yet to embrace.

A well-thought-out strategy takes digital signage display from mediocre to exciting. In addition, it helps in realizing business goals such as upselling or building internal communities.

With this in mind, read along for tips on how to communicate with your target audience through digital signage.

Understand your target audience

You can’t effectively manage digital signage content if you don’t know who to target. So you first need to determine who your ideal target is. Collect audience demographics, including:

SexAgeRaceMarital statusEducational attainmentInterestedactivity

These are the most common details you need about your audience. They help you put together the right message to increase brand awareness. This data also informs you how to cater to your audience’s interests.

One way to collect information about your audience is to conduct periodic surveys. The more often they occur, the better, as people’s interests change over time. Keep your questions short to engage with your audience.

Then promote the surveys on your digital boards with a URL to the online survey. Consider further: gaming the survey process to attract more people to participate. For example, offer rewards to the person with the most exciting suggestion or something similar.

Create targeted content

Targeted content speaks directly to your audience’s sensitivities and preferences. Moreover, targeted content is about strategically placing and planning information. All in all, good targeting that ensures the right people see the content at the right time. When creating targeted content, keep these factors in mind:

learning factor: Present only factual content on your digital display to appear as a leader in your industry.connection factor:: Your content should have a personal connection to your audience. For example, rating, event listings and social media updates can help.Creative factor: If you want to effectively connect with the target audience through digital signage, get creative. Use eye-catching designs and use animation, color, audio and various templates.Affinity Factor: Your digital signage content should make your audience feel like they belong.Business factor: Keep your audience informed about your achievements and have them contact you. Blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds, and intranet information can do the trick.

Digital signage allows you to change your brand message to create interactive communication. This flexibility allows you to tailor communication to the specific preferences of your audience.

Choose a strategic location for your digital signage

Digital signage positioning and screen placement is a factor that many companies overlook. Still, proper positioning is critical to the success of your digital signage marketing strategy.

Excellent locations for digital displays include places where customers have natural wait times. Examples are vending machines, cash registers and customer service counters. Likewise, places with high traffic, such as entrances and escalators, are also ideal.

In retail stores, placing digital displays near new products on sale is an effective strategy. Digital signage on shop windows can also attract potential customers to the store.

Maintaining transparency in communication

Another way to get in touch with the target audience through digital signage is by being open to them. Essentially let them know what is happening in your organization. Companies that play things too close to the chest often come across as untrustworthy.

Granted, some things, like finances and project progress, are best shared internally. But others are suitable for public consumption. Sharing your company’s values ​​and social responsibility projects can increase engagement.

When you understand your organization, the audience will feel like they belong. You will ultimately foster a sense of investment and inclusion.

Strive for continuous improvement

A well-thought-out and compelling digital signage strategy creates an atmosphere of continuous communication throughout your business premises. However, good content is not enough to increase customer experience and engagement.

It requires you to make regular adjustments to make sure you keep up with people’s interests and engage their senses. In addition, technology is constantly changing and you need to keep abreast of the latest developments.

That’s why you need to constantly measure your success metrics and research failures. This allows you to customize your digital signage offering. Continuously analyze your ROI and responses to call-to-actions. They allow you to determine the compelling messages and the ones that don’t convert.

A/B testing can provide insight into the formats that get the most response. With this information, tailor your posts for maximum impact and audience engagement.


If your digital signage displays and content don’t look right, customers won’t look at them. Worse, you lose a chance to interact with them. The five ways above can help you connect with your target audience through digital signage if you use them in the right way.

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