5 Ways to Use Apple AirTags Like the Pros

Apple AirTags are the modern solution to the age-old problem: where did I leave my keys?

These handy little trackers can help you find just about anything. Attach one to your key ring, backpack or iPad case and you’ll never lose it again.

So how can you use them more efficiently? Here are the best ways to use AirTags.

1. Use precision search when you get close

Precision Finding is an AirTag feature. The whole point is to locate something with pinpoint accuracy, not just to get a general feel for where your lost item is.

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The default tracking mode will lead you to the room or area where your missing item is located. That’s when you enable Precision Finding.

This is how you do it.

There is an iPhone app called Find My (which exists in iPhone 11 and newer generations). At the bottom of your in-app screen, select Find Items. You will see a list of AirTags. Find the one you are specifically trying to find. Tap the Search Nearby button. Your phone displays on-screen instructions and displays a distance counter and direction to your target. It even activates the haptic feedback settings for another indicator (plus audible tones). Close the Find My app after finding your item. Otherwise, your battery will run out because it thinks you’re still looking.

2. Keep it in your wallet

AirTags are small, round devices that can easily fall out of your wallet.

But we can all agree that losing your wallet triggers a panic attack like no other. The solution is to use one of these handy little card attachments for your AirTags.

Place the AirTag in the slot, make sure it is tight and you have a beacon for your wallet. Since AirTags are bulky (and certainly larger than most Bluetooth trackers), they bulge a bit in your wallet.

AirTags are water-resistant, so if you’re a front pocket wallet carrier, you’re (usually) protected from sweat and moisture in the summer. Just try to know where your AirTag is.

3. Use emojis to highlight your tags

Apple lets you use emojis in the title of your AirTag. This seems crazy, but it is actually very useful.

Instead of calling an AirTag “Tom’s Keyring”, you can put a small emoji of keys. Your brain registers it faster and you can locate them faster.

If you want to add emojis to your AirTag names, here’s how:

Open the Find My app on your iPhone. Tap the Items tab (in the bar at the bottom of your screen). You will see a list of AirTags. Scrolling to the bottom of that window will show Rename AirTag as an option. Tap the option and next to the name you will see a list of emojis you can add.

NOTE: To remove emojis, all you need to do is tap the title and go back. It works just like any character on your phone’s keyboard.

4. Ask Siri to locate lost tags

Siri can clean up your Find My app. If you have a lot of AirTags, going through them all can be a mess. Make sure you have an easy-to-read name for each and ask Siri to locate your AirTag. It makes the process incredibly easy.

Moreover, you can use iCloud to locate your lost AirTags. If you’re near any of your other connected iOS devices, yell, “Hey Siri, where’s my [AirTag Name]’ and she’ll tell you.

Bonus: You can use an emoji and text in your AirTag title in the Find My app, but just call up the text portion of the title. Siri should be able to figure it out almost every time.

5. Enable “Lost Mode”

Lost Mode can be unnerving for some, but Apple has gone to great lengths to make it as secure as possible. In Lost Mode, if someone finds your AirTag, they can tap it against their phone and your phone number will appear.

It’s in that user’s hands, but all they have to do is call you and find a way to return your lost item to you. This is how you enable Lost Mode.

Open the Find My app. Tap the Items tab at the bottom of your screen. Tap the AirTag you want to search for. At the bottom of the next window you will see Lost Mode. Tap Enable. Now you will get a popup with information about the lost mode. You will be prompted to use your phone number or email address to let people contact you if they find your lost AirTags. Tap Activate to enable notifications. You want to respond as quickly as possible if someone finds your items.

You are an AirTag master

You know five of the best tips for managing and using your AirTags to save time and manage your multiple tags. Now it’s time to put them to use. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on your AirTag purchase yet, you can get them from Amazon.


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