8 essential desk accessories for your home office

The year is almost over, so it’s time to brighten up your home office with some stylish, practical new accessories to optimize your space. By durable blue light glasses to protect your eyes to cozy heating pads to keep you warm at your desk, read on to discover the best must-have desk accessories for your home office.

Smartphone holder

Provide a separate smartphone holder to keep your phone stable on your desk. While you’re at it, make sure it’s protected. However, don’t let a smartphone holder on your desk fool you. You want to make sure that your phone is in a protective case like the latest iPhone 13 case so you don’t have to worry about dropping or spilling when you take your phone off the stand.

Glasses with blue light

Staring at the screen all day can make your eyes dry and tired from exertion. In addition to lowering the brightness of your screen and adjusting the night light setting on your monitor, you can also get blue light glasses. Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses or have perfect vision, blue light glasses can help rest your eyes. Try durable blue light glasses to protect your eyes in style.

balance board

Don’t make it too easy for yourself to work from home. It is important to stretch and exercise. Why not work and become agile at the same time? with a balance board? Poor posture and not enough exercise during the day can be painful in the long run.

Keyboard Cover

You enter the zone and type away at the speed of light, which can make for a lot of noise. A keyboard cover helps reduce the noise of your clicks and clicks. Plus, it helps protect your keyboard from accidentally spilling coffee or crumbs from your morning bagel.

succulent plant

IIt’s time to age plant without the hassle of watering your plants every day and making sure they get direct sunlight. According to the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, succulents have developed the ability to store water during dry periods so that unlike many other plants, they can go for extended periods of time without frequent watering. A succulent will help brighten the mood at your desk without all the dedication to a more needy houseplant.

wireless charger

Keep your electronics powered up with a wireless charger. There are many different types and styles to choose from. There is a wireless charging pad that can also serve as a phone stand. Try an elegant looking pad. Make sure the wireless charger you get is compatible with your device or smartphone as not all wireless chargers will charge every kind of electronic device. There are wireless battery packs and even a wireless charger that can be used as a headphone stand. Whichever type you choose, a wireless charger is the perfect companion to keep your electronics charged throughout the day.

Wireless earbuds

You already have so many wires running around with your electronics. The last thing you need is listening to music or in the middle of a meeting when your headphones accidentally become detached from your computer. With wireless earbuds, you can walk through your home office with the earbuds in your ears while simultaneously attending the meeting. Once you’ve fallen in love with your stylishly functional AirPods, you’ll also want to make sure they stay protected and charged in the case. Add a little style and extra protection to your case with an AirPods case.

heating pad

Last, but certainly not least, stay cozy on cold winter days or when you want to crank up the air conditioning but still feel warm enough at your desk with a heating pad. According to the University of Michigan Health, using an electric heating pad can help relieve low back pain. This affordable investment is one way to relieve lower back pain when you’re sitting at your desk, when you’re actually sitting at your desk. By using the heat, you also stay warm and cozy. Just do not use the heating pad if you plan to fall asleep or if you fall asleep at your desk. Depending on your needs, do your research and find a heating pad that specializes in your needs, such as back pain, neck pain, cramps, or joint pain. You can find heating pads that have targeted pain relief for specific areas.

If you’re looking for holiday gifts for your co-workers or loved ones, these practical WFH gifts are a great place to start. With all these must-have accessories on your desk, you’ll have the coziest and most organized workplace for the new year.

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