A look into the Wallex ecosystem

With many cryptocurrency protocols in the virtual space, there is still a need to create a balance between fiat and digital currencies. The main bridge comes at compliance and AML levels as many people have come up with their means to bypass the necessary procedure. Wallex takes excellent measures and is a pioneer as a leader in creating stability and compliance in the global economy through digital assets.

What is Wallex?

Wallex is a technology ecosystem that provides assets and digital assets to various users to run their business and daily lives. It serves various individuals, companies, exchanges, broker-dealers, fintech projects, real estate platforms, financial institutions, OTC desks, crowdfunding portals and others. Wallex’s operations are located in more than 200 parts of the world, including South America, Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, etc.

Wallex’s activities traverse many aspects and phases of life. Some of its services are linked to the following:

Payments AML and Compliance Custody Neobanking Trading Tokenization White Label Solutions Decentralized Investment Asset Management Trustee

Pillars of the Wallex Ecosystem

Wallex divided its general functionality into five main pillars, namely:

Neobanking – Through neobanking, Wallet offers its customers unlimited access to various cryptos and fiat currency accounts. They could easily deposit, withdraw, exchange and spend their cryptocurrencies with cards. Neobanking also involves wallet, corporate banking, institutional obligations, strike and custody. The Wallex Custody Account allows users to perform various activities. They can transfer assets from the crypto accounts, do exchanges with fiat currencies and others. Custody includes the account vault, Escrow, and Custody Pro. Trust – Wallex Trust business includes wealth management, wealth containers, tokenization and insurance. Payment – Payment in Wallet is done through several methods. These include payment gateway, Eurst, Tokask, and Trustchain. Exchange – Wallex maintains various activities through its exchange. These include borrowing, earning, ProTrade and others.

founder and director

The founder and CEO of Wallex is Simone Mazzuca. He applies a combination of traditional financial and blockchain technology to create a formidable, strong and reliable ecosystem that secures even the future. Mazzuca has several years of experience in financial advice and has managed private and institutional clients in the US, UK and Italy.

Wallex Contributing Strategy

Wallex is building its ecosystem using a contributing strategy that helps it improve the economy. The protocol bridges the gap for millions of investors and users so they can easily access the dividends of virtual space through blockchain technology.

Wallex’s strategy is built on the following 5 pillars:

To make a link with the new financial world. Develop a transparent and reliable financial ecosystem. Influence the masses on how to use the blockchain Keep good contact with the customers. Using the organizational structure for proper maintenance and development of talents.

Past Achievements of Wallex

Wallex has made several great achievements in the past that reflect the great attitude of its ecosystem.

Here are some of his milestones.

Launch Wallex Custody Initiation and launch of the EURST project. This created a great wave for Wallex as the project enabled the peg of fiat currency to the digital stablecoin. It is a method of managing the high volatility of digital assets. Wallex Bank and Statutory Trust Formation. Launch of Wallex Bank. Launch of Wallex 2

Wallex Future Roadmap

Wallex has laid out some plans that will help it keep up with its strategies in providing continuous services to its customers. Some of his roadmaps are:

Launch of WLLXB V.3 Issuing over 13 stablecoins. Launch of crowdfunding platform. Launch of Tokash Increase the number of customers to 1 million. Launch of asset tokenization platform. Opening of First Wallex Store Establish an entire ecosystem and become a commercial trust of digital currency.

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