Adobe Photoshop may be available for free soon

Adobe Photoshop has been a paid product all its life (unless you’re sailing the high seas), but now the company is testing a free version that can be accessed over the Internet.

The Verge reports that Adobe has begun testing free access to the Photoshop web app, which originally launched last October for paying Creative Cloud customers. Adobe has opened up the web app to free accounts in Canada, which the company describes as a “freemium” experience. Adobe VP of digital imaging Maria Yap told The Verge: “We want to [Photoshop] more accessible and easier for more people to try it out and experience the product.”

Photoshop on the web Adobe

The plan is that some functionality in the web app will eventually require a paid subscription, although it’s not clear whether a full Creative Cloud subscription is required, or whether Adobe will introduce a cheaper web-only subscription. The first option would be similar to Microsoft 365, where limited web and mobile Office apps are available for free, and a subscription includes all features and the ability to use the full desktop applications.

There’s no timeline on when the free web-based Photoshop could be rolled out to more people.

Source: The edge

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