After the EU, US lawmakers now mull over making a standard charging port for all electronic devices – Technology News, Firstpost

Following the lead of European Union lawmakers reaching an agreement to force all smartphones and tablets to have USB-C charging ports by 2024, a group of lawmakers in the United States of America now wants to implement a similar mandate in their country.

A group of Democrats and a few independent political leaders have called on the US Department of Commerce to follow the EU’s lead and “develop a strategy to require a common charging port for all mobile devices”.

The letter was addressed to Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, and was written by Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, three US political leaders who are very vocal on a number of environmental and consumer issues.

“The EU has acted wisely in the public interest by tackling powerful tech companies over this consumer and environmental issue,” the senators wrote. “The United States should do the same,” the letter said.

This move would be a big step in the fight against e-waste and would obviously hit Apple the hardest as it has been using its own lightning cable for many of its devices since it was introduced alongside the iPhone 5 in 2012.

“Year after year, Americans are piling our obsolete chargers into landfills as we spend more money on tech companies for new ones,” Markey said in a statement on Thursday. “This waste is driving consumers against the wall and driving our planet deeper into a climate crisis. I ask the Department of Commerce to follow the European Union’s lead and look for solutions so that we can save our money, our sanity and our planet,” he added.

The Americans have a slightly different approach compared to their EU counterparts. Instead of coding USB-C as the definitive standard when it comes to charging, they’re asking the Commerce Department to develop a “comprehensive strategy.”

This basically means that if better technology is available in the coming months, it should be the standard.

Apple apologists have often stated that the EU’s ruling is a terrible mistake and that enforcing USB-C would be an environmental disaster.

They have also claimed that this legislation stifles innovation and prevents smartphone manufacturers from developing faster charging standards in the future.

All these arguments did not make it through the EU legislators and were immediately discarded. Meanwhile, reports have emerged claiming that Apple plans to go completely portless by 2024, when EU law becomes enforceable.

“Big Tech is allergic to regulation and we are already seeing companies pushing back the EU’s actions. Senator Markey believes we must continue to stand up to this industry to ensure that their interests do not come at the expense of the environment and consumer well-being,” a spokesman for one of the senators said when asked about possible opposition from the government. technical industry. .

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