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It seems that Apple is pulling out all the stops with the performance of its cameras for its upcoming smartphone. Earlier we reported that the iPhone 14 Pro will get an all-new 48MP sensor for its main camera, along with a number of other cameras. We also reported that the front-facing camera would be an autofocus.

Now it looks like Apple is thinking of taking it up a notch by giving users an improved zoom system, thanks to an all-new lens technology Apple recently patented. Keep in mind that the new iPhone 14 lineup will not get this new technology.

First noticed by PatentlyApple, the patent shows a new folded telephoto lens, featuring a new single-prism design. Folded lenses typically use complex systems of prisms and/or mirrors to redirect light sideways into a smartphone body. However, when light passes through an optical element, it refracts or bends, depending on the type of optical elements involved. This means that the more elements the light has to pass through, the worse the final image quality becomes.

In very rudimentary terms, Apple’s prism system can use a number of different configurations of reflective surfaces, anti-reflective surfaces, and aperture masks to produce the desired result without the need for so many optical components. Sure, you’ll lose light, so you’ll need higher ISOs or wider apertures, but the light received by the sensor will be mostly undistorted or diffracted.

A telephoto lens that can be used in a smartphone without adding too much thickness to the body of the smartphone is notoriously difficult to make and even harder to calibrate. Moreover, the image we get from these lenses can hardly hold a candle to the images that are made with the regular main camera.

If Apple does indeed get their new system up and running, the iPhones of the future will have the best overall camera systems that, in addition to taking great photos with the main camera, will also be able to take really stunning photos with the main camera. telephoto lens. It will also help Apple come up with a much-needed, all-new digital zoom system for its cameras.

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