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For nearly a decade, Apple has dominated the tablet space with their iPads. The huge range and price points they target allow them to offer something for everyone. Furthermore, no other tablet manufacturer comes close to the user experience and functionalities that the iPad & iPadOS offers.

We take a look at some of the strongest rumors circulating around each of the different levels of the iPad and see if they’re worth upgrading to this year.


Apple launched the 9th generation of the classic iPad last September. This year they are expected to relaunch the same design albeit with a completely reworked A14 chipset inside. Not only will this improve performance and processing power, but it will also provide support for WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5. The iPad is also rumored to get a brand new design in 2023. So if you already have an iPad and are looking for an upgrade, don’t upgrade to the classic iPad.

iPad Mini

Apple launched the 6th generation of the iPad mini in September 2021. However, one has to be careful that Apple has not been consistent with the frequency with which they update the specifications of the iPad mini. The last generation of the iPad mini had a rather disappointing display that simply couldn’t keep up with what users were asking for it. The 7th generation iPad Mini is rumored to come with a 120Hz ProMotion display when they launch the iPad Mini this year. So, if you’re planning to buy the current iPad Mini, we recommend that you wait until September this year to see if Apple launches the 7th-generation iPad Mini.

iPad Air

Apple updated the iPad Air in March this year with the M1 chip. In addition to the extremely capable M1 processor, Apple has also added a much better 12MP main camera. The next-generation iPad Air will likely get Apple’s ProMotion display. However, it is very unlikely that Apple will refresh the iPad Air again this year. So if you’re looking for the most well-rounded tablet on the market that will be set up for at least a year or two, this is the one for you.

iPad Pro

The current iPad Pro was launched in April 2021, so a refresh of the ultimate iPad is definitely on the way. Rumor has it that the M1 chip will be updated with an all-new M2 processor. There’s also a good chance the new iPad Pro will get MagSafe charging and reverse wireless charging for other Apple devices. There are also several rumors suggesting that the 12.9-inch model will get an OLED panel, a unit that is larger than the 12.9-inch model. There is also a chance that the 11-inch iPad Pro will be completely discontinued. Since the iPad Pro is a huge investment, you can’t really go wrong with it, even if you skip the updated hardware. However, if budget isn’t a constraint, or you’re not in a rush to get your hands on an iPad Pro, it’s a good idea to wait for the updated specs.

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