AstroSwap (ASTRO) Introduces Multi-Chain DeFi Ecosystem

Vladislav Sopova

AstroSwap (ASTRO) platform introduces Velas (VLX) fees for every transaction


AstroSwap DEX finally goes live on CardanoExpansion to Solana (SOL) is in the cards

AstroSwap, a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, is ready to launch on Cardano (ADA) blockchain. Its main native asset, ASTRO, is already available on major CEXs and DEXs.

AstroSwap DEX finally goes live on Cardano

According to the official announcement shared by AstroSwap representatives with U.Today, mainnet operations have just begun. In addition to providing users with lightning-fast crypto exchange options, it has pioneered a Velas-based discount program.

For each authorized swap on AstroSwap platforms, the initiator will receive VLX rewards to cover 100% of the transaction costs. This option is designed to make trading on AstroSwap more resource efficient.

Following the highly anticipated initial decentralized exchange (IDO) offering on ADAPad lauchpad, AstraSwap’s core token, ASTRO, rose 200x. Even the bearish turn of January 2022 has failed to stop this rally.

The ASTRO rally is catalyzed by a number of unique features implemented by AstroSwap (ASTRO) to bolster itself as a next-gen DeFi for multiple blockchains.

Expansion to Solana (SOL) is in the cards

The AstroSwap team allocated a large share of its net stock (45% of the 10 billion ASTRO) to deploying pool reserves. As such, it can easily maintain an unmatched APY for all strike products.

Initially launched on Velas (VLX), the AstroSwap platform expands to Cardano (ADA) and will deploy its infrastructure for Solana (SOL), the most overhyped smart contracts platform of 2021.

Moreover, with 100% compatibility with Ethereum (ETH) and EVM, it can easily onboard users of Metamask, the most popular wallet in the Web3 segment.

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