AT&T now offers insanely fast 5Gbps fiber speeds India News, The Indian Express


There are big changes for AT&T Fiber customers. The service provider just announced that multi-gigabit speeds of 2Gbps and 5Gbps are now available in “nearly 5.2 million customer locations.” In addition, new AT&T Fiber customers will now see “easy pricing” that eliminates equipment costs, contracts, and data caps.

The new plans for multiple gigs are, of course, expensive. AT&T charges $110 per month for the 2 Gbps plan and $180 per month for the 5 Gbps option. For most people, AT&T’s $80 per month 1 Gbps fiber plan is still the best option. (All of these plans come with HBO Max, by the way.)

Interestingly, the multi-gig plans have symmetric internet speeds, meaning upload and download speeds are identical. I wish every internet plan offered these symmetrical speeds, as upload speeds have become increasingly important in the work-from-home world.

But I’m not sure if the average person needs a multi-gigabit plan. Yes, AT&T’s fiber plan comes with a free AT&T gateway that supports the fastest 5 Gbps speed and Wi-Fi 6. But you’ll need a wired connection from a computer to your router to actually enjoy these speeds – a Wi-Fi connection isn’t fast enough. (Your computer must also support these insanely fast speeds.)

AT&T also says it has achieved 10 Gbps fiber speeds in its lab. If a 5Gbps connection isn’t enough for you, then it seems you won’t have long to wait for something bigger and better.

To check if AT&T multi-gig speeds are available in your area, use the address check of the company. You can also read the full list of supported areas on the AT&T website. (I should also note that Ziply fiber offers 2Gbps and 5Gbps connections in some areas.)

Source: AT&T

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