Aufero Laser 2, the fastest laser engraving machine for beginners

(Pocket ribbon) – Until recently, laser engraving used large machines that had to be operated by professionals and trained specialists. But thanks to Ortur’s advanced Aufero Laser 2, laser engraving is becoming increasingly accessible to the average novice user.

Ortur is the world’s leading company for laser engraving and cutting technologies with diodes. They continuously innovate new techniques to expand the boundaries of laser engraving, giving the general public the means to turn their ideas into innovative creations through laser engraving and cutting.

The Aufero laser 2 is specially designed for beginners and novice users who are looking for a large engraving size of 390×390 mm. Thanks to this laser engraving machine, users can now engrave unique designs on a wide variety of materials, including wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB, aluminum oxide, paint metal and non-reflective electroplating.

The Aufero Laser 2 can now enable fast and stable engraving capabilities in a cost-effective manner. In this article, we describe how to use Aufero Laser 2 and its innovative features.

Ultimate ease of installation and use for beginners

The Aufero Laser 2 is the perfect laser engraving machine for beginners because it is quick and hassle-free to install. It comes with a comprehensive operation manual that allows users to install and use the device without professional help. You just need to follow the step-by-step tutorial and you can set up the whole system in 20 minutes – no professional help is needed.

You can also download the operating manual online, and it comes with instructions in 10 languages ​​for countries around the world. The how-to guide also includes documents that guide you through setting the ideal parameters for your photos before you start engraving. Plus, they have a highly responsive multi-channel customer support service that answers installation questions without delay.

Ultra-fast engraving speed of 10,000mm per minute

The Aufero Laser 2 may be simple enough for beginners, but it offers hardware and software capabilities suitable for professionals. It includes the advanced ninth generation Ortur laser control motherboard, which works on Mac and Windows 10 without installing separate drivers. The built-in ESP32 chip has an extremely high frequency and computation speed, and Ortur’s firmware version 1.8 ensures optimum execution efficiency and engraving speed.


Due to the hardware and software features mentioned above, the Aufero Laser 2 can be used for very fast and extremely accurate engraving. The device has an average engraving speed of 10,000 mm per minute, but can also reach 15,000 mm per minute when engraving simple patterns. Compared to previous models, the Aufero Laser 2 is as much as 10% faster and the FreerTOS system ensures optimal stability and efficiency.

Highly versatile system for numerous application situations

The Aufero Laser 2 is an extremely versatile system that can be combined with four types of Ortur laser modules, including LU2-2, LU2-4-SF, LU2-4-LF and LU2-10. In addition, the laser engraver ensures optimum precision when engraving and cutting a wide variety of materials, including 10mm pine board, wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather and more. You need to choose the right laser module for your specific needs.

Powerful safety features for all possible problems

The Aufero Laser 2 includes a wide range of safety features, ensuring optimal safety for the average user. The company has integrated a safety feature or lock for all potentially dangerous scenarios, so that the device remains completely safe even in the most novice hands. Ortur has created a 4-way safety protection system that includes real-time position protection, hardware watchdog protection, limited exposure system and power supply safety device.


The following are some of the safety features:

The real-time position protection uses a gravity sensor to stop the machine when it is moved. The hardware watchdog stops the machine when it is disconnected from the host computer. The limited exposure function automatically stops emitting laser light if the machine’s XY axis does not move for a certain period of time. The power supply safety device will stop the power supply if the input voltage is abnormal.

Request a free trial by sending a photo

Ortur is currently offering a free trial for those curious about the capabilities of the Aufero Laser. You can send your favorite image to the company, and they will engrave it on a material of your choice. The company will meet your requirements and send the image to you, after which you can decide whether to purchase the laser engraving machine. If you want a trial period, you can send a request to [email protected]

Here are the steps to participate in the trial:

Prepare the image you want to engrave or cut Select the laser engraving machine you want to test Indicate whether you want to cut or engrave the pattern on a material Specify your size preferences Send the inquiry with the above information to [email protected] Indicate ‘TEST’ on the subject of your emailAfter running the test, the company will send images of the final results to your email

Ortur has already made a name for itself as a leading company in the field of laser engraving and cutting technology with diodes. Of Aufero laser 2, Ortur has truly exceeded all expectations by producing a laser engraving design that is simple enough for even the most novice users, while incorporating features and capabilities previously only available in professional laser engraving tools. If you are a beginner or hobbyist looking for an engraving tool, Aufero Laser 2 is definitely worth considering.

Best of all, until February 10, 2022 at 8 a.m. UTC Ortur, the first three people who order an Aufero Laser 2 will receive a free YRR 2.0 rotating roller worth $89.99, while the next three get a free Z-height adjuster worth $69.99, making now the perfect time to order your engraver.

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