Best indie games on PS5 2022: best independent games

(Pocket Ribbon) – No console is truly complete without a burgeoning independent gaming scene – from the days of the Xbox 360 and PS3, these smaller games have provided gamers with immense pleasure, often through digital storefronts and at lower prices.

They are often a bit more experimental than the mainstream AAA studio endeavors and may have funky art styles or directions that make them truly unique, and we love to experiment with them. The PlayStation 5 has plenty to host, as the same games from the PS4 will also run on it. Here are the very best deals, after some links to our other game guides in case another genre is in your sights.

What are the best indie games for PS5?

Disco ElysiumHoll KnightHadesThe Forgotten CityOuter WildernisThe PathlessChicorySolar Ash

Disco Elysium


This role-playing game (RPG) really takes the genre to new places simply by how much it is committed to the theme, allowing you to interact not only with a range of characters and places, but also with your own psyche in internal conversations.

No two playthroughs will be the same as you take on the role of a depressed and self-destructive cop trying to solve a gruesome murder, all set in a bleak realistic dystopian future port city. There’s a lot going on, but it’s all brilliant.

Hollow Knight


The template prepared by Metroid and Castlevania has been perfected in the form of Hollow Knight, a 2D sidescroller that lets you explore a huge map piecemeal as you increase your power and overcome a succession of challenging bosses.

It was created by a small team with beautiful hand drawn art and a sense of tone that is completely unstoppable and we are big fans of it. You’ll also find a lot of value if you’re a hardcore fan as there’s plenty of cool postgame content out there.



Hades, the definition of an indie darling, has a huge fanbase for a reason, with an expert mix of roguelike action and heartfelt storytelling. You will try to escape from the underworld again and again, learning new tactics and using a new set of powers each time.

As you do this, you’ll be presented with a beautiful tale of family and grief, with the beats of the story ensuring that no failed escape attempt feels like real defeat. It’s a brilliant mix that is sure to suck you in.

The Forgotten City


Another classically themed game, The Forgotten City drops you in a time loop in an ancient Roman harbor, where everyone dies if even one person commits a sin. Your job is to find out why and how this is happening, and see if you can escape.

It’s a brilliant mystery game where you meet a diabolical cast and decide who to trust over time, according to the evidence, and with multiple endings to discover that you’ll surely make your own way through it.

Outer Wilderness

If you like the sounds of a mystery game, there’s another recent classic in the form of Outer Wilds and the expansion DLC Echoes of the Eye. It’s a brilliant game that also revolves around a time loop where this time you have to figure out why a small solar system collapses every time.

You will slowly piece things together as loops pass, decipher ancient texts and figure out exactly what happened to light the touch paper and end the life cycle of this solar system. It is an enchanting experience and we recommend entering with as little knowledge as possible.

the toadless one


A game that revolves around the pleasure of movement, The Pathless is a lavish experience. You play a hunter sent by her people to stop the spread of corruption across the land, and you do this by taking out giant beasts that occupy areas.

The twist is that you move by timing shots with your bow, hitting targets in a row to build speed, and it’s intensely satisfying just moving around the beautiful open world finding new secrets and upgrades.


In Chicory, a game all about art and self-esteem, you take the power of a magic brush and the responsibility of keeping a delightful little world colorful as the colors fade away. It’s about much more than that, though, gently touching on themes like mental health and impostor syndrome.

You have the freedom to paint and draw your way through cleverly designed puzzles and your powers increase, all with a beautiful soundtrack, great art and impressive writing. This is a treat for any art lover.

solar axis

Like The Pathless, this game is all about movement and the feeling it gives you. Set at the end of time, when a civilization is collapsing into ruins, you set out to see if you can make things right, once again taking down giant monsters to clear their corruption from the land.

It has an art style that we will remember for years and years to come, and the feeling of skating in the massive environments is just perfect – and besides, it’s not a hugely long game, so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by it.

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Every game in this list has been tested and played by our team to make sure it’s worth getting included.

We played through their campaigns, put hours into their multiplayer offerings and carefully compared them to direct competitors to make sure they represent the most satisfying and rewarding options on their platform.

However, with every collection it is not possible to provide a list that will work for every type of user. That’s why we rely on the experiences and opinions of the wider Pocket-lint team – and also thoroughly assess the areas above – to do our best in this regard.

What we always avoid with these guides are unnecessary details – we just want to provide an easy-to-understand summary that gives you an idea of ​​what each game is like to play.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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