Bitcoin Exchange Traded Products almost 1% of total BTC supply

Bitcoin exchange traded products (ETPs) had a good month in March. BTC assets under management had grown exponentially over this month-long period to hit a new record. This is boosted by the inflows these ETPs have categorized over the past month. This has made March one of the most successful months for bitcoin ETPs as all BTC products have shown positive net flows over this period.

Bitcoin AUM at new all-time high

Total bitcoin AUM had risen dramatically in March. Looking at the numbers, this move appears to be one of the strongest growth trends ever recorded in this regard. The previous one was the jump recorded in November 2021. In February, total assets under management stood at 190,165 BTC. However, by the end of March, this number had increased to 202,437 BTC. This set a new record for BTC under management.

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March’s net inflow was a major addition to this. In total, there were 12,727 BTCs flowing into ETPs last month alone. This had helped the digital asset to be its strongest month in terms of ETP inflows since November. The influx was recorded across the board and in all regions.

BTC ETPs hit an all-time high in March | Source: mysterious investigation

An example of this was Canada’s ETFs, which recorded some of the strongest growth rates in their history last month. They could have increased their total AUM by a total of 6,066 BTC during this period. In addition, ProShares also posted positive inflows. For the roll period from March 20 to March 25, it was able to come out of the low momentum that had plagued it in the previous months, which was attributed to the associated roll cost.

This also resonated in Europe. The region that had registered net outflows in the past three months had undergone a transition. As a result of this turnaround, significant amounts came in during the month of March.

BTC loses foothold, pushing it down to $44,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

Most of these influxes are attributed to the bitcoin recovery of recent times. During the advancing week of March, Bitcoin had seen more strength against the backdrop of the LFG’s Bitcoin Reserve strategy. Not only did this translate into a higher value for the digital asset, but also saw inflows into ETPs grow exponentially.

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Overall, March was a good month for BTC ETPs. It is clear that the demand for the digital assets is increasing. Not only do retail investors want a bigger slice of the pie, but legacy markets have demanded greater exposure to the cryptocurrency following this recent trend.

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