Bitcoin Mining Ban Proposed by New York Governor Candidate

Alex Dovbnya

Democratic candidate Jumaane Williams has called for a ban on Bitcoin mining

Democrat Jumaane Williams, who made his bid for New York governor in December, called for imposing a moratorium on proof-of-work (PoW) mining.

He pointed to China’s recent decision to ban Bitcoin mining, adding that there are other “processes” that are less harmful to the environment.

Williams made his plan known while speaking near a controversial Greenidge Generation gas-fired power station. It operates near the shore of Seneca Lake, the largest and deepest of the Finger Lakes.

The once shut down factory has successfully reinvented itself by mining Bitcoin. Last month, it reported a 168% increase in Bitcoin production.

Local residents are not happy with the business endeavor, complaining that the power plant began to “cook” the iconic lake and led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Williams says Bitcoin mining could be devastating to the environment and local economy:

We know exactly what will happen in a few years if we don’t stop this kind of mining.

After former Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned over multiple sexual harassment allegations, a slew of candidates from both parties rushed to the rescue.

New York’s incumbent governor Kathy Hochul is the all-time favorite to win the November governor’s race, according to online prediction market PredictIt.

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