Blockchain-Based Mobile Gaming eSports Ecosystem Colizeum Closes $8.4M in Funding

New Capital and Talent Injection to Expand Platform Offerings for Mobile Game Developers

Led by renowned investors such as Deribit, SevenX Ventures, Axia8, LD Capital and Genblock Capital, Colizeum, the blockchain-based eSports ecosystem for mobile gaming, closed a round of $8.4 million in its latest fundraiser. Other prominent industry leaders, including TPS Capital, Momentum6 (Lumen Capital Group), DWeb3, X21, Profluent Ventures, Good Games Guild (GGG), CRT Capital, Au21 Capital, Pluto Digital, Basics Capital and, also participated in this strongly endorsed financing round.

Founded in 2021, Colizeum’s development team has made significant strides in product development. The Colizeum team consists of individuals with extensive knowledge in the development of mobile games, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In addition to the Colizeum ecosystem, the team also founded Beetroot Labs, a mobile game development studio, and developed the award-winning iOS and Android game Dystopia: Contest of Heroes.

Michael Swan, Managing Director at Tokenomik, is optimistic about Colizeum’s potential to shape the mobile eSports ecosystem, noting: “Tokenomik sees Colizeum as an excellent proxy exposure to the massive NFT/play-to-earn gaming multiverse segment, which continues to grow exponentially, making it increasingly difficult to identify popular gaming platforms in the long term. We are excited to be an early collaborator on this fantastic project founded by an experienced leadership and development team.”

In addition to the funding round, Colizeum has also brought new talent to the team, with Wusheng (Sheng Wu), the world’s most awarded DOTA player, joining it. By bringing the expertise of video game industry veteran Wusheng to the team, Colizeum aims to underline the added value it can bring to game developers and the gaming community at large.

Commenting on the successful fundraising round, Colizeum co-founder Davis Ziedins said, “We are proud to serve the growing game development community and offer a suite of tools that will help developers focus on what they do best. know – building great games. The entire Colizeum team is honored that Colizeum is supported by outstanding industry professionals and huge communities who help us build the product and help us take the project’s ambitions to a whole other level .”

Frictionless solution for mobile game developers

European blockchain startup Colosseum aims to make mobile eSports accessible to everyone. Built from the ground up by a team with nearly a decade of experience in mobile gaming, Colizeum combines the power of blockchain technology to enable mobile game developers to use tokenized in-game economy and play-to-earn (P2E) models. to implement.

All in all, Colizeum offers a wide range of solutions to increase the growth and revenue potential of mobile game developers. The platform’s plug-and-play Colizeum SDK (Software Development Kit) makes it easily accessible to any game developer, even with no blockchain technology experience. It removes the complexity and cost of hiring blockchain developer teams and will support popular game engines such as Unity3D in the future.

Developers can seamlessly implement monetization models into existing games and develop new games from scratch, all while paying relatively minimal costs compared to the skyrocketing cost of monetization in app stores. Currently, the Colizeum team is in the process of onboarding game developers before rolling out the beta version of the Colizeum SDK. In the coming months, the organization will also be supporting monetized tournaments, prediction markets and other additional features, such as the option to use in-game items as NFTs.

The Colizeum play-to-earn model is central to the Colizeum ecosystem, connecting players and game developers through the unified platform. Powered by its native $ZEUM token, the Colizeum platform is revolutionizing monetization capabilities for game developers, while enabling players to monetize as well. Since developers’ earnings are limited by the amount of $ZEUM tokens wagered by each player, a developer’s fee increases with each additional player. At the same time, each new player is driving demand for $ZEUM tokens as they are locked within the Colizeum ecosystem.

In addition to the $ZEUM token, Colizeum also offers player cards and secondary tokens. Using “player cards”, players can unlock Colizeum services and earn “secondary tokens” while playing the games listed on the platform. All “player cards” are NFTs with different rarities and specific properties, such as access to special benefits, exclusive content and exclusive communities in Colizeum.

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