Bored Apes Yacht Club sales up 175% as the floor price reaches 109 ETH

Arman Shirinyan

World’s Largest NFT Collection Gets Massive Volume Increase as Celebs Buy More Pieces

One of the largest NFT collections on the market, Bored Apes Yacht Club, experienced a volume increase to about $1 million while volume grew more than 175%, WuBlockchain reports

In addition to increased trading activity, the series bottom price spiked to nearly 110 ETH, or about $330,000. The total market value of the collection is now approaching $1 billion as the number of holders surpassed 6,400.

Despite the most recent issues with security and exploits, the collection still attracts famous investors and even some VCs. Earlier, U.Today noted that the project’s official community in Discord was exploited and users received phishing links urging them to transfer some sensitive data that would allow hackers to steal their non-replaceable tokens.

During the exploit, scammers stole $100,000 worth of NFTs. Many users believed that project managers were doing giveaways related to April Fools’ Day, so some of them were lured and passed information to hackers.

One of the most recent celebrities to join the NFT trend and choose BAYC to do so was pop legend Madonna. She reportedly bought a pink bored monkey in a leather cap because it matched the superstar’s provocative look and performance.

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