Can this RoboForm widget protect your digital life from hackers?

How secure are your passwords? Tap or click here for 10 tips to protect your accounts with strong passwords. What if we told you there’s a tool you can use to assess all your go-tos for security and hackability?

There are tons of apps that evaluate passwords based on character count and other factors. We’ve found an excellent tool that takes this concept one step further, and we invite you to enter your most used passwords for the ultimate test.

RoboForm is a password manager with a free tool to see how secure your passwords are. Keep reading to find out how to use this handy feature.

How to use RoboForm’s password checker

Visit to get started RoboForm’s password checker. Once you’ve done that, you’re 30 seconds away from the password check of a lifetime.

Simply type in your password and you will immediately get a readout of the strength of the password. This tool references a database of the most common and most hacked passwords. Some of those considered the strongest barely made it to the mark.

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The secret behind this incredibly powerful and eye-opening system? The zxcvbn algorithm is a proprietary company that promises accurate results rather than the more commonly used LUDS system. We trust the process. After you’ve checked your passwords, you may need a facelift.

What’s the best way to come up with stronger passwords? google recommends the following tips, all aimed at a safer digital life:

Avoid common phrases and words, such as the word “password” itself. Omitting personal information from your password. Stay away from things like your name or address. Choose a unique password for each account. Never use the same password for multiple accounts. If you do that and your password is breached on one site, cyber criminals can use it to access your other accounts that share it.

Checking the strength of your passwords is a good step in protecting your digital life, but don’t stop there. Another key to excellent protection is having reliable antivirus software on all your devices. We recommend our sponsor, TotalAV.

If you’re using a PC or Mac, iPhone or Android, TotalAV has you covered. It secures Windows, Mac, and Android gadgets while keeping your iPhone and iPad running at peak performance. Get an annual subscription to TotalAV now for just $19 That’s over 85% off the regular price!

If you believe that one of your accounts has been hacked, you should immediately change the password to prevent a third party from accessing it again. Keeping yourself safe isn’t always simple or easy, but these tools are great ways to hedge your bets.


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