Cardano Founder Praises Engagement With Crypto Twitter At McDonald’s

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson seems quite happy with McDonald’s recent involvement in Crypto Twitter.

American fast food since 1940 seems to have caught the attention of Crypto Twitter after tweeting, “How are people running crypto Twitter accounts?”

Varied reactions poured in, as did those from high profile personalities in the crypto space such as the Cardano founder, Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor, Binance, Coinbase and the like.

McDonald’s came into the crypto spotlight after El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele changed his Twitter profile picture to an image of him wearing the uniform of a McDonald’s employee.

Nayib Bukele, whose country was the first to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender last year, changed his Twitter profile picture on Saturday to an image wearing a McDonald’s employee uniform after the recent market sell-off dropped Bitcoin by 47.15% since November. had lowered .

President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele said Friday that the country bought an additional 410 BTC for $15 million as Bitcoin fell. The El Salvadoran president further raised expectations when he posted a poll asking, “Should I quit my job at McDonald’s and open a Bitcoin Burger joint?”

Interoperability and scalability are Cardano’s priorities in 2022

In a recent publication, Cardano . Foundation emphasized its priorities for 2022, including interoperability and scalability.

Currently, 199 projects are building on Cardano, and this number is expected to grow significantly in 2022 as the Cardano Trinity (Cardano Foundation, Input-Output and Emurgo), alongside wider ecosystem participants, continues to inspire and educate people outside the ecosystem.

As the technical and integration teams grow and Cardano moves into the next phases of its roadmap, Basho and Voltaire, interoperability and scalability remain a top priority, the Cardano Foundation said.

ADA, the original holding of the Cardano blockchain, is trading at $1.03 at the time of printing.

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