Cardano Mainnet block size will increase by 10% later today: details

Yuri Molchan

Major update proposal on increasing Cardano block size to be implemented later today


Block size to grow 10%Cardano improvements made this year

IOHK’s Twitter account is spreading the news of a major update on the Cardano mainnet set to take place today at 8:20 p.m. UTC.

Block size to grow 10%

Developers increase the block size by 10%-8 kilobytes. That would mean adding 8 Kb to 80 Kb of the current block size. This suggestion was made last week before the weekend started.

This means a substantial improvement of the Cardano network, which means that the throughput and performance of dApps will continue to increase. This upgrade comes on the wave of Cardano network improvements planned for this year by developer teams.

Once this improvement is implemented, the IOHK team will closely monitor the performance of the Cardano network for at least five days (one time slot) and see what the next step is.


Overall, with the massive growth in Cardano transaction volume lately, the team plans to very carefully and steadily improve the network.

Cardano improvements made this year

Last month, during the Cardano MidMonth Development Update, which was: live on youtubeCardano’s head of architecture, John Alan Woods, summarized that so far this year the size of each block on the network has increased from 64Kb to 80Kb (11% to 80Kb upgrade was made from 72Kb in early February) — a overall increase of 25%.

Developers have also added more memory units to the Plutus side for smart contracts – from 10 million units to 14 million. With four memory units per block, their number also begins to grow, from 50 million to 56 million. Woods stated at the time that they planned to increase that amount to 62 million in the coming period.

Despite being cautious about making changes, Woods stated that IOHK implemented something new on Cardano every three weeks.

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