Centrifuge Secure Polkadot’s Parachain Slot, Announces Acala and Moonbeam Integrations

Vladislav Sopova

Centrifuge, an ecosystem for cross-network DeFis, officially becomes an integral part of Polkadot


Centrifuge Secures Polkadot’s Parachain Lock, Announces Rollout ProcedureIntroducing Polkadot’s tools to small and medium-sized businesses

The team at Centrifuge, a decentralized financial infrastructure platform focused on real-world asset tokenization, shares the details of its successful crowdlending.

Centrifuge Secures Polkadot’s Parachain Lock, Announces Rollout Procedure

According to the official announcement by Centrifuge representatives, the protocol won the crowdloan auction for Polkadot’s seventh parachain auction. It will be available to use Polkadot’s cross-network relay from March 11, 2022.

Therefore, Centrifuge will go live among the products of the second batch of Polkadot’s range of decentralized instruments. The protocol also shared some details of the Polkadot (DOT) launch.

The protocol rollout will be in an Altair-esque fashion: the initial launch will be a “blank shell” with no real money and tokens at risk.

Once the stability of Centrifuge’s operations is confirmed, its blockchain will change from a standalone network to the ninth Polkadot parachain. Now that Centrifuge has launched on the mainnet, users will be able to tap into liquidity on both Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT).

Introducing Polkadot’s tools to small and medium-sized businesses

Centrifuge is on a mission to bring DeFi native instruments to real-world assets. Its mass adoption will integrate tokenized RWAs — invoices, mortgages, and so on — into the day-to-day operations of small businesses.

Also, Centrifuge shared the details of its most impressive integrations to date. It has partnered with Moonbeam Network, which makes Polkadpot’s infrastructure EVM compatible, and with Acala to leverage USD liquidity.

The release of the mainnet version of Centrifuge in Polkadot has every chance to significantly increase the TVL in DeFi, the team added.

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