Check the entered data. It does not match the information for this card. DISSOLVED.

Microsoft account: error adding payment method

You want to buy an Xbox game or Microsoft product from Microsoft’s online store, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. But when adding a debit card to the payment method, you get an error message:

Check the entered data. It does not match the information for this card.

You check and re-enter the information, but keep getting the same error!!!

Have you ever gone through such a frustrating loop? No problem! We are here to give you a solution and fix this Microsoft error and payment method issue.

The problem is that you can’t add some debit cards, especially Indian debit card as payment method in Microsft/Xbox Store. You must add a credit card instead of a debit card. It works without any problems. Also in some Asian countries there is no option for Paypal.

Of course, check again that the name, address and card details have been entered correctly. If you’re still getting an error message for your debit card, you’ll need to add a credit card. We had a similar problem while buying Forza Horizon 3.

There should be no error when adding a credit card. Adding a credit card fixes this error. Any Visa or Mastercard credit card works with Microsoft Store.

Note that valid international debit cards sometimes get the same error when added to the Microsoft payment method. The store does not accept these debit cards. So you have to use a credit card if you want to buy something from the Microsoft Store. You won’t get that annoying “Check the information you entered. It doesn’t match the information for this card.” wrong!

Also don’t forget to activate the International Transactions on your credit card. This is necessary to enable international transactions.

We found so many answers on different forums like – reset profile, update profile, check if the information entered is correct, it should be the same as your passbook, etc. But that doesn’t work. It’s the problem between Microsoft Store and debit card security permissions. Credit cards therefore work without errors.

Quick guide to adding a payment method in a Microsoft account?

Sign in to Microsoft account. Go to the Payment & Billing section > Payment options > Add a new payment method > Choose Country, fill in all card details, name, address > Click Save.

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