CoinEx & ViaBTC co-host NEW BLOC NIGHT to discover new industry trends

Last week, New Bloc Night, the opening party of the Austin blockchain week hosted by NEW BLOC, came to a close at the Otis hotel in Austin.

As sponsors of this event, CoinEx and ViaBTC, along with more than 20 well-known investment institutions, public chain, DAPP, DAO, Web3.0, cryptographic financial services companies and other leaders in the blockchain industry, participated in speeches and roundtables to jointly address the issues and discuss development trends of the cryptographic industry, explore ways to increase the interest rate growth of cryptographic assets.

A number of distinguished guests shared their enlightening and original take on the event. Nearly 200 employees in the encryption industry took part in the event both online and offline.

Additionally, industry insiders including CoinEx & ViaBTC partner Adam Chastain, ZKSpace Director of Business Development Mattias Borg, and FlashMining Founder & CEO Jackey Lin took part in fantastic roundtables and shared their thoughts on trending topics such as “Crypto Mining and Carbon Emissions : Trends in Crypto Mining”, “Decentralization vs. Centralization” and “Web3 is what young people are craving: what are the new opportunities?”.

As a global leading all-inclusive mining pool and also a staunch supporter of clean energy mining, ViaBTC expressed its view on crypto mining and carbon emissions that technological advancements will address all of these concerns. ViaBTC Pool has always been looking for technical solutions for energy sustainability in the field of crypto mining. In addition, it also partners with institutions such as QITALE, a mining organization from Minnesota, USA that uses hydropower, and SAI.TECH, an operator of clean computing power.

Although the annual Austin Blockchain Week crypto carnival has come to an end, the development of the blockchain world still requires the concerted efforts of crypto believers from all over the world. Meanwhile, ViaBTC also remains committed to the blockchain space. Relying on cutting-edge Fintech, ViaBTC strives to facilitate blockchain progress and build a brighter future through blockchain, thereby fulfilling its mission: Via Bitcoin, Making the World a Better Place.

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