COTI Network Launches COTI Treasury Decentralized Pool: Details

Vladislav Sopova

COTI Treasury Goes Live as a New Tool for Crypto Holders to Earn COTI Rewards


COTI Treasury Goes Live to Change the Game in Crypto StrikeCross-chain mechanism to be released

COTI Network, an ecosystem of cryptocurrency protocols, shares the details of the latest addition to its offering: COTI Treasury. It unleashes new passive income opportunities for every COTI holder.

COTI Treasury Goes Live to Change the Game in Crypto Strike

According to the announcement shared by COTI Network in its official blog and social media channels, it has launched a new product, COTI Treasury.

At its core, COTI Treasury is the largest liquidity pool of the COTI ecosystem. Any holder of COTI, a native token of the COTI network ecosystem, can now lock their tokens for any period: from days to months.

The pool grows as the entire ecosystem pays fees: a portion of these fees is automatically distributed across this liquidity pool. The COTIs collected by the pool are in turn redistributed between liquidity providers.

COTI CEO Shahaf Bar Geffen emphasizes that the release of COTI Treasury is a huge milestone for the entire COTI ecosystem and its global community:

We are excited to exceed expectations with our newly launched Treasury. The Treasury binds everything we do at COTI into one cohesive system. Our commitment is to continue to grow the ecosystem in terms of services, volume and partnerships to enable lucrative rewards for our users.

Cross-chain mechanism to be released

Compared to the previously activated Staking 3.0 mechanism, COTI Treasury provides more seamless and profitable reward strategies for crypto holders with different levels of expertise.

The COTI Network team is going to release some additional features: automated processes, strike reward calculators, cross-chain compensation, and so on.

This release is part of COTI Network’s transition plan to a next-generation DeFi ecosystem with multi-platform protocols for exchange, lending/lending transactions, stablecoins, and more.

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