Crypto Firms May Inadvertently Hire Employees From North Korea, US Authorities Warn

Alex Dovbnya

US has warned IT companies about unwanted employees from North Korea

US authorities have issued an advisory warning to IT companies, including cryptocurrency companies, about North Korean tech workers trying to get work by impersonating non-DPRK.

Supporting North Korea’s IT staff and their activities poses reputational risks and legal ramifications, as doing so would violate US sanctions.

The authoritarian state sent its experienced IT staff to generate revenue for its weapons development programs. Potential employees may choose to outsource their work to non-North Koreans to cover up their evil intentions.

Last month, Jonathan Wu, head of growth at Aztec Network, revealed how a North Korean hacker tried to get a job at his company in a viral Twitter thread† He described his experience as “terrifying” and “hilarious” at the same time.

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith was recently sentenced to more than five years in prison for helping North Korea evade sanctions.

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