Crypto Project Older Than Crypto Starts ’10 Day Growth’ Sprint

Spellfire has packed 30 years of history into a great experience and combined it with the latest trends of tomorrow. Defining the future of NFTs and adding new standards to collector card games have become the core goals of game developers.

St. Valentine’s Day is an important date in the game’s development. “Huge news for 10 days in a row from now – celebrities, MV integrations, leaks – be the first to know!” has appeared on their social media channels and made sure all their fans kept a close eye on its progress, including by watching the green candles appearing in $SPELLFIRE charts.

Spellfire has worked, grown, developed and closed many partnerships and deals in recent times. The development of the game has reached incredible speeds and is almost ready to be shown. The best news was wrapped up in the ’10 Days of Growth’ sprint that has just started and promises great developments every day.

New NFTs, celebrity backers, in-game partnerships, sneak peaks, game integrations, and of course – huge rewards for the hodlers is just the beginning, they say. Well worth checking out the calendar for fans of the game.

Here’s what they’ve offered so far:

Buy more than just a white paper. Spellfire has been in development for over four years and it shows. The redesigned physical game is already playable on tabletops with a Unity-powered digital version arriving later this year. Those looking for the best return can go to the ground floor. Limited Prime Edition NFT cards are already on the shelves at open sea for Polygon users and is promised to arrive on other chains soon. Earn frictionlessly, without having to play the game. Spellfire’s Original NFT Card Owners earn up to 90% of the profits from the subsequent sale of their playing card copies. The NFTs offer an incredible 10X ROI for prime edition owners. Physical and digital editions ensure that tabletop players and PC gamers alike are well taken care of. This thought process extends into the crypto world as well. The game will be one of the first to support multichain NFTs minted on Polygon, Solana and BSC. 2022 has already been proclaimed ‘the year of the metaverse’, with avatars and online meetups becoming commonplace. Spellfire’s design is at odds with this line of thought. It has put a lot of effort into interactivity and retaining the human element that has been lost with so many digital CCGs.

Master the magic is the best Spellfire has ever been! New maps, new mechanics and new ways to play keep things fresh for new and established audiences alike.

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