Cryptocurrencies that will affect the world

Bitcoin (BTC) may be a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, but it is also a significant burden on the planet’s resources and damaging to the environment. That is why impact tokens are now becoming more prominent in the space, with more and more wallets of cryptocurrencies supporting human development and sustainability in their ventures.

Here are three such projects that will have an impact on the world in 2022.

Bobcoin (BOBC)

Bobcoin (BOBC) comes from Bob Eco, an electric vehicle company that creates thousands of jobs and has declared war on pollution from the use of cryptocurrency. The clean energy company’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, targeting emerging markets. That mainly means focusing on developing countries such as those in Africa. By identifying the need for low-cost transportation in such countries and learning the high levels of emissions from older, highly polluting motorcycles and taxis, Bob Eco has found a market for its electric two- and three-wheelers.

These electric two- and three-wheelers work with an extensive network of battery exchange stations and are driven by people who get these vehicles on a lease-to-own basis.

Now, in an effort to raise more money for expansion and bring their green technology to more countries, Bob has released Eco Bobcoins, a digital currency that essentially represents ownership of economic rights (including, for example, a portion of the profit or income). Bobcoin is a deployable token that combines technology with the requirements of the securities markets, helping to liquidate assets.

By investing in Bobcoin, investors help purchase and manage assets and contribute to reducing pollution, creating jobs and fighting poverty.

The Love Chain

There’s no denying that social media has changed the way we view things; from how we perceive the world to how we judge ourselves, moving online has revolutionized how we interact with each other, and everything is passing so quickly that nothing feels still or permanent.

The LoveChain is doing its part to make love records last forever with their platform, essentially a digital version of love locks found all over the world.

Like lovelocks, The LoveChain is designed to capture and commemorate the people, occasions, and things that users value most in their lives. Each user profile on the blockchain is given a cryptographically generated code number that is used to symbolize the uniqueness of their relationship. The platform even allows users to create subgroups and join different themes, all based on love.

LoveChain is also built on Algorand, a green blockchain that is energy efficient and plans to further offset its carbon footprint in partnership with ClimateTrade.

When users share what they like and care about on Lovechain, engage with the community, post content, and share data with advertisers, they get LOVR Reward Tokens, giving them access to exclusive discounts and benefits with The LoveChain’s trading partners.

For example, people can commemorate anniversaries and milestones, keep an album of their precious moments with a loved one, and record and send love messages. All this and more would sit on the blockchain and be the user’s own piece of digital real estate, and because the blockchain is decentralized, this record would last forever.

So their slogan is fitting: The LoveChain is forever.


From the Letter of Credit notes to credit cards to Buy Now, Pay Later (BPNL).

The concept of BPNL as a short-term financing solution is certainly helpful to consumers, especially since this model is largely interest-free. It’s not just about getting access to things you like; this model helps those who would otherwise not immediately be able to afford groceries or other necessities.

It has become an increasingly popular payment method and @Pay is not only capitalizing on this opportunity, but also participating in 2 other emerging markets: cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and Blockchain and smart contract technology.

@Pay is a global decentralized platform that provides a payment solution for shoppers, merchants and marketplaces with the intention of empowering consumers to access the things they need, while still staying financially healthy. The platform uses blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions to help buyers make online purchases and pay back in installments without interest.

With a 70% abandonment rate resulting in a loss of $4.6 trillion in ecommerce sales per year, it’s no wonder merchants and brands partner with platforms like @Pay.

@Pay is also built on the Algorand blockchain and the Solana blockchain, the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands more projects planned in the DeFi, NFT and Web3 realms.

For millennials who are environmentally conscious and don’t want to compromise on building good credit, and for brands who want to see clicks turn into sales, @Pay is the answer.

With impact tokens generating positive, measurable social change and helping to reduce pollution, eradicate poverty and promote peace while still delivering financial returns, there is no doubt that these cryptocurrencies should be on the watch list by 2022.

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