Dell vs HP laptops comparison 2022. Which is a better brand?


DELL VS HP company, which laptop brand is better and why? This is the frequently asked question when someone wants to buy a laptop. Laptops have become so useful in our daily life. People use laptops instead of desktops because of their portability and powerful performance.

While buying the new laptop, you may have come to the confusion of Which laptop brand is better – Dell or HP? Which is better in performance, quality, durability?

We’ve researched it for you in terms of specs, quality, performance, durability, price, etc. There are a number of ways you can differentiate between these two biggest brands and choose the one that works best for you. Also check out the list of the best laptop brands.

1. Dell

Founded in 1984, Dell is an American computer technology company that develops, manufactures, sells, repairs and supports a variety of computers and related products and services. Dell has been successful in making and delivering the best computers to customers worldwide.

Dell laptops:

Dell offers series of laptop models such as Inspiron Laptops, G Series Laptops, XPS Laptops, 2-in-1 PCs, Inspiron Chromebook, Alienware Gaming Laptops, Vostro Business Laptops, and Latitude Notebooks.


Dell comes out with so many different design models for their desktops and laptops. From simple Vostro to stylish foldable XPS series and from thin ultrabooks to powerpack Gaming series, Inspiron series and Alienware laptops. Dell has a variety of laptop models with different designs and eye-catching looks.

The company has always been creative in design. They offer different models of computers from 11 to 18 inches with good resolution, picture quality and touch screen options.

The latest Dell XPS laptops are impressive. The convertible 2-in-1 XPS laptops have a sleek, attractive design and powerful performance.

The Dell Gaming series Laptops and Alienware series have designs that appeal to gamers. It has nice logos, backlit keyboards, strong carbon bodies, good heat exhausts with attractive grills.

In Designs, Dell easily beats HP. If we compare the famous series of these companies Dell Inspiron vs HP Pavilion series, Dell wins with their designs and appearance.


If we compare the innovation factor between Dell vs HP laptops, the Dell company is at the top of it. The Dell company has always been experimenting and trying to innovate with its products. The company experiments with many different technologies and design concepts for their laptops.

You can see that their premium Alienware laptops come with the best technology and performance, latest features and combinations of powerpack specs.

The XPS series laptops have a slim, lightweight and sleek design that is so attractive. There are also detachable 2-in-1 fancy laptops for designers.

Another good thing is that you can change or manage settings, and customize and upgrade the laptops according to your requirements.


Dell puts high quality parts in their laptops. The company builds budget laptops to high-end laptops with high-quality components, which makes the laptops powerful. CPU processors, Intel, Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, RAM, SSD/HDD, battery and all other parts and components are top quality.

Dell uses 3-cell batteries that are not as powerful as HP’s prismatic batteries. But they still last a long time and give a good backup.

Customer service:

In the HP vs Dell debate, Dell wins again in Customer Support services. The Dell company provides excellent customer support with their service requests, chat, email and phone call.

Calling Dell Technical Support will provide you with your own personal assistant to help you resolve the issue. The Support Assistant will tell you how to fix the problem if it can be fixed. Their customer service is so helpful.

When you buy a new Dell laptop, you get a standard 12-month warranty. You can extend it for a few years for a number of fees. All products come with an excellent warranty. You will receive an immediate replacement or solution if there is a problem with non-warranty parts, without causing any inconvenience.


Dell laptops are cheaper compared to HP laptops. So if you want high quality at a low price, you can opt for Dell computers. Dell sells its laptops from specialist suppliers worldwide, therefore the prices are cheaper compared to HP laptops. For the lowest investment, you get higher performance that is worth it.

Why do Dell laptops stand out?

Dell has gotten better reviews from the experts over the years and it continues. Dell has won numerous awards such as CES Innovation Award, Ethisphere award, CSR Impact award.

Dell laptops are distinguished by their quality, innovation, reliability and performance. Dell offers a wide range of budget laptops to high-end gaming laptops. There are several options for customers.

2. Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett-Packard or HP is a direct competitor of Dell and Lenovo. Founded in 1939, The Hewlett-Packard Company is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. They entered the computer market in 1966.

The HP company develops, manufactures, sells, repairs and supports a variety of computers and their products and services. HP has also been successful in making and delivering the best computers to customers worldwide.

HP laptops:

HP offers series of laptop models such as Specter, Envy, Chromebook, ZBook, Elitebook, Stream, Pavilion and Omen Gaming series.


HP’s old laptops weren’t that attractive, but now they’ve improved their designs. The new Specter X360 design is so appealing. It comes with an aluminum chassis in silver color with expertly crafted hinges that allow the laptop to turn into a tablet.

The Pavilion series also comes with good designs. HP recently added the new Omen gaming series laptops to their collection. HP Omen laptops appeal to gamers and the designs are pretty cool! They recently launched HP Omen X 2S, the world’s first gaming laptop with a dual screen design.

HP gets better with every new product design. We can say that it is a direct competitor to Dell laptops in the design category.


HP has been slow to innovate for their laptops and perhaps the reason is that their focus is on other products such as HP printers and scanners. Dell focused on business, gaming, laptop design and tried innovative ways to meet users’ needs with the latest specifications, performance and quality.

HP was just starting to focus on all kinds of laptops and brought the gaming series business products with enhanced features, latest specifications and powerful performance. All latest HP laptops meet the current standard.


If we compare the CPU processors of HP vs Dell laptops, Intel, Nvidia & AMD graphics cards, RAM, SSD/HDD and all other parts and associated components, Dell laptops give more quality than HP laptops.

While HP also offers similar specifications of hardware components in their laptops as Dell laptops, HP is not as good as Dell when it comes to quality. The processors of Dell laptops are faster and more reliable compared to HP laptops with the same specifications.

HP uses prismatic batteries that give an excellent backup of 6 to 12 hours. HP uses both reliable 3-cell and 4-cell batteries.

Customer service:

HP offers a number of ways for laptop users to contact them for technical support through social media, phone calls or emails, blogs. All HP laptops are sold with a one-year warranty and 90 days of free telephone support.

HP provides good customer service, but some users have reported that HP’s phone support services are not as good as Dell’s.


HP laptops are more expensive compared to Dell laptops with the same specifications. You pay more for high-end HP laptops with the latest features and specifications.

Why do HP laptops stand out?

HP laptops are distinguished by their quality, reliability and performance. The company comes with a wide range of budget laptops from world class to the latest high-end Omen gaming laptops. HP uses a prismatic battery that lasts longer than other types of batteries. HP gives really tough competition to Lenovo and Dell.

HP has also won a number of notable awards, such as the Working Mother Magazine award, 2005 Web award.

Dell vs. Dell FAQs HP Brand Comparison

Dell VS HP: what is an ideal brand for budget buyers?

If you are on a tight budget, go for Dell laptops as it offers better specs for the same price compared to HP laptops. Dell’s lowest price laptops start from $250. If your budget is high, you can get the best Alienware laptop that offers better specs at lower prices compared to HP Omen Gaming series.

Are Dell or HP laptops good for gaming?

Yes! Both companies offer excellent products for gamers. Dell Alienware laptops come with the latest technology, CPU and graphics cards for an excellent gaming experience. Dell’s Inspiron Gaming series is also good for mid-budget gamers.
HP Omen series also comes with the latest CPU, graphics cards, cooling systems for high-end gaming while HP Pavilion gaming laptops are good for mid-budget gamers.

Which laptop brand is better HP or Dell, especially in the long run?

In the long run, Dell laptops are better than HP. Many users report that HP’s motherboards get the problem in the long run compared to Dell’s laptops. Some claim that Dell motherboards last up to 10+ years!

Which laptop has the best performance Dell or HP?

This is completely dependent on the configuration of the laptop. Both companies offer laptop series with great performance underneath. If you want the best performance, you can choose the top models of laptops from Dell or HP.

Final verdict

Both HP and Dell Laptop brands are top laptop companies in the world. Both are excellent laptop manufacturers and produce reliable, well-made computers. For the laptop itself, it depends on which model you buy. They both have low-end and high-end laptops.

But compared to their current laptop designs, components, innovation, customer support and prices – DELL laptops are slightly better than HP laptops.

Dell computers come with the best combination of price-performance-reliability-repairability. The customer service and warranty support is really good compared to other brands. In fact, even after the warranty has expired, parts repairs are cost-effective. Dell is much stronger than most out there. So in the battle between Dell and HP – Dell wins! It is a better brand in today’s computer market.

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