Digital adoption and onboarding platform Stonly raises $22 million

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stonya platform that helps product teams, customer support personnel and everyone in between demonstrate how their digital tools and products work has raised $22 million in a series of A-funding rounds.

Ultimately, the problem Stonly wants to tackle is that building a new product and bringing it to market is only half the battle: to succeed in the long run, a company must be able to communicate how the product works and ensure that users know what the benefits are.

Stonly allows users to create product overviews such as onboarding checklists and interactive step-by-step guides that can be embedded on customer support pages, blogs, and even within customer support software such as Zendesk.

Stonly: Onboarding Checklist

The company was launched in 2018 by Dashlane co-creator Alexis Fogel and Krzysztof Debrowskiwith the duo’s former Dashlane colleague David Rostan later joined Stonly’s founding team.

“The most important thing Stonly achieves for enterprises is to help their customers, users and employees thrive in any situation where self-service, automated and on-demand guidance can have a big impact on success, time-to-value, problem resolution and fewer phone calls. to help desks and support reps,” Rostan told VentureBeat.

Everyone on board

The Stonly platform exists in a space that includes digital adoption and customer onboarding tools such as WalkMe and Whatfix, while newcomers such as rocketlane – which recently closed an $18 million round of financing – and Appcues have thrown too their hat in the ring.

While it serves the same broad purpose as the aforementioned companies, Stonly has tried to differentiate itself by making itself available wherever the end user is – it can be embedded by pasting a link on any website that offers support Embed.lywhile it also supports iFrame code for content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress.

Within all that, Stonly touts its ability to create step-by-step guides that can adapt to any situation, offering users choices that are contextually relevant to what they’re trying to do and their level of expertise.

“Stonly was created to address self-service guidance wherever a customer or employee needs it — in or overlapping software, for adoption or troubleshooting or knowledge base help, as scripts and guides for personal assistance and troubleshooting — that platform approach makes Stonly uniquely better,” said Stonly rostan.

Previously, Stonly had raised approximately $3.5 million in seed funding, and with another $22 million in the bank, the company is well-funded to take advantage of the world’s rapid transition to all things digital, where software is now the foundation. shapes just about everything we do in our personal and professional lives. Indeed, Stonly said it has grown fivefold in the past year, with more than 20,000 companies using Stonly, including Telus, Univision and UCLA.

“Now everyone is online – every user type and every kind of employee,” explains Rostan. “Everyone has ‘crossed the chasm’, and the cracks are visible and they’re worse than companies thought. People with a much wider range of needs and abilities ask for personal help but refuse to contact anyone.”

But perhaps more important than that is the simple fact that competition is fiercer than ever, meaning businesses can’t afford to take liberties with user loyalty – at its core, Stonly is designed to reduce churn.

“Alternatives are just a tap away, so businesses are concerned – rightly so – that they won’t be able to show value fast enough, engage customers or employees deeply enough, make employees productive or powerful enough, and deal with all the ticket volume to keep up,” Rostan added.

Stonly’s series A round was led by Northzone, with the participation of Accel.

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