Do you want to talk to a real person? 10 hard-to-find technical support phone numbers

Not all companies make it easy to find support phone numbers on their sites. They want you to fill out a form or use the chat feature, but sometimes you really need to speak to someone.

Would you like to contact one of the largest retailers in the world by phone? Amazon does not openly advertise its phone number and prefers that you use other forms, such as a chat window in your Amazon account. Still want to make that phone call? Tap or click here for more.

Here at, we often advise that you never use Google or other search engines to look up these phone numbers as there are too many scam results mixed with legit ones. We’ve done research for you.

Here’s the backstory

There may come a time when you need to contact a Big Tech company like Microsoft, Apple or Google. Scammers are well aware that people are looking for this information.

They work with the system to get fake websites and phone numbers as the best search results. All this to steal your information and rip you off.

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With billions of users worldwide, you would think that these companies would make it easy for their customers to contact them by phone. Or maybe that’s exactly why they prefer us not to.

Do not worry. We’ve got the numbers you’re looking for and links to support pages. You may need to sign in to your account to access some of these pages.

1. Amazon


Go here for Amazon support

2. Microsoft


Go here for Microsoft support

3. Apple


Go here for Apple support

4. Google


Go here for Google support

5. Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

650-543-4800 (Note: it is not easy to get someone to answer).

Go here for Facebook support

Go here for Instagram support

6. Tesla


Go here for Tesla support

7. Roku


Go here for Roku support

8. Samsung


Go here for Samsung support

9. PayPal


Go here for PayPal support

10: Zoom


Go here for Zoom support

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Your daily dose of tech smarts

Learn the tech tips and tricks only the pros know.

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