Dogecoin Co-Founder Makes Important Statement

Arman Shirinyan

As memecurrency struggles tremendously in the market, the co-founder makes an important statement

One of the founders of the Dogecoin project has posted an important reminder on his official Twitter account about his connection to the cryptocurrency in its current state.

In his post, Billy Markus explained that he is no longer working on Dogecoin. He left the memecurrency a full seven and a half years ago, and he will never work on it again, despite being one of Doge’s greatest ambassadors.

Source: Trading Display

While some users don’t support his decision, his intent is to show what true decentralization really is. Although Dogecoin is not the most technically advanced ecosystem in the industry, it is still undergoing active development despite the lack of a “leader”.

“Shibetoshi Nakamoto” has also touched upon the definition of the cryptocurrency market, ironically, describing it as a mix of “hopium”, “fomo”, panic and other phenomena circulating in the industry. He added that it is fascinating to look into human nature as it is intertwined with money.


Despite being away from the core of the project, Markus believes the Dogecoin ecosystem is getting healthier with the speculation surrounding it. He also added that utility is the main priority that the Dogecoin team should focus on in the present and the future.

As for the price of Dogecoin, Markus has told his subscribers numerous times that he doesn’t feel a thing. Community frustration stems from the fact that DOGE has lost more than 85% of its value since its all-time high.

While DOGE is massively down, it also shows no signs of a potential turnaround and has continued to lose value over the past 200 days, making it one of the worst performing assets in the crypto market.

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