Dogecoin founder says he made almost nothing from DOGE, but created new meme coins for profit

Yuri Molchan

Billy Markus Shares Why He And Jackson Palmer Barely Made Any Money Making And Launching Dogecoin

Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus has tweeted what the real goal was to create DOGE in 2013, and it wasn’t a financial gain, he said.

“Dogecoin creators barely made anything out of it”

Markus admitted that when he and another IT engineer, Jackson Palmer, created Dogecoin, there was no other purpose than “to be stupid and satire”. However, he tweeted that the coin became ironically popular, and he thinks it’s funny.

Billy also reminded his followers that he and Jackson barely made any profit with this coin.

The makers of dogecoin (me and Jackson) have hardly made anything out of it.

This Is What New Meme Coins Are Made For, According To Markus

The co-founder of the original meme cryptocurrency claims that those meme tokens that followed DOGE — and they call it “forced tokens” — were built for no other purpose than financial gain, so developers can earn money from gambling in the crypto market. . Unlike most tokens created on the Binance Smart Chain, Dogecoin has no centralized tax or budget for marketing.

Developers always have at least 50% of the coins they’ve created and can dump them after a pump when the right time comes. “It’s crazy but fair,” he added.

“Not all meme tokens are ‘s-coins'”

Despite the criticism of multiple meme cryptocurrencies that followed Dogecoin, Billy Markus admitted that the developer teams of some of those coins are trying to give their coins some utility.

However, the majority just want to make a quick buck with hot topics and catch the hype wave. He believes that meme tokens almost always fall into these types of assets.

As for Markus himself, he recently revealed that all the DOGE he owns is around 220,000, or the equivalent of $31,972 at the current exchange rate.

Markus is not going back to DOGE

Recently, Billy Markus tweeted that he had applied for a three-week leave of absence to learn more about coding crypto stuff. However, when he answered a question from a subscriber, he clarified that he has no intention of building “Dogecoin 2.0” or any other new cryptocurrency.

He stressed that “something crazy” has to happen to get him actively participating in Dogecoin again. Meanwhile, he is unofficially still working on the project, supporting DOGE with his tweets and keeping Crypto Twitter updated.

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