Dogecoin Maker Points to Unusual Sign of Bear Market

Arman Shirinyan

The creator of Memecoin has its own “indicator” for determining the bear market


“I’m in for the technology”Markus makes fun of Web3

The creator of the most popular memecoin in the cryptocurrency industry – Billy Markus – has shared with his Twitter subscribers the first sign of the bear market in crypto, which can be considered quite unusual and ironic.

“I’m in for the technology”

This widely known expression tends to pop up in the crypto space after almost every strong correction. Investors and long-term traders who suffer large losses justify holding their long-term unprofitable positions by saying that their analysis is based on the fundamental value of projects they have invested in.

The creator of the Dogecoin later responded to the popular meme featuring famous American politician Bernie Sanders. The meme shows a large red candle reflecting a big drop in the market and the phrase “I am again in for the tech.”

The first spread of the famous phrase came in 2018 when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost up to 80% of their value as a result of the “bubble pop” as numerous experts called the correction.

Numerous investors held tokens from companies that exited the market and, to justify their investment, inexperienced crypto enthusiasts referred to the amazing “technology” behind the companies they invested in.

Markus makes fun of Web3

The developer of the most famous meme token on the market has previously joked about the Web3 technology by stating that the “Web3 people” are in the industry just to make money without exchanging valuable goods for it.

Previously, he joined Elon Musk in roasting the newly emerged technology by pointing out the lack of usability and efficiency in the modern internet age.

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