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We’ve been singing the praises of FightCamp for a while now. The home training program offers guided boxing or kickboxing workouts with virtual trainers and real equipment. Plus, it costs a lot less than personal boxing lessons. And if you sign up for FightCamp before February 1, you can save $220 on a starter pack.

Fight Camps Personal package, now just $1,000 ($220 off) gives you everything you need to get started with the service, including a premium punching bag, a pair of gloves, a pocket ring (for stability), and a set of punch trackers. These trackers allow virtual trainers to ‘see’ every punch you throw and provide feedback or motivation during your training.

The Personal pack also comes with two quick wraps to protect your wrists and hold the punch trackers. These wraps are much more beginner-friendly (and less time consuming) than the typical wraps used by boxers because they simply slide over your hands.

In our experience, FightCamp is a more attractive option than competitive home boxing services because it doesn’t involve any foreign technology. You get a good punching bag, a pair of gloves and an app to choose workouts or exercises. No tricks!

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Of course, you still have to pay $39 per month for the FightCamp app and service. But this monthly fee is significantly cheaper than in-person boxing lessons, which you could happily find for under $39 an hour. And the FightCamp app (now running on Android) is pretty fantastic: you can choose from 10-day Curated Paths to learn the basics of boxing, for example, or pump yourself up with playlists that follow the rhythm of your practice.

I should also note that the FightCamp Tribe Pack retails for $1,300. This pack is usually the best option for families as it includes multiple gloves and quick wraps. But it’s only $50 off during this sale. The standard FightCamp Personal pack is a much better deal (at least today) and will leave you enough cash to buy extra gloves.

And if you already own a punching bag, you don’t need to spend the big bucks on a FightCamp starter pack. You just need to buy the FightCamp Connect package, which currently costs just $400 (that’s $40 off) and includes a set of trackers, gloves, and quick wraps.

Sign up for FightCamp before February 1st to save $220 on his personal kit or $40 on his Connect kit (these deals are eligible for 24-month and 12-month financing). Keep in mind that FightCamp still costs $39 per month after you purchase a starter pack.

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