Elden Ring Tips and Tricks: Tips for Getting Started

(Pocket Ribbon) – After years of waiting, a long time with no news about the game, and then a few crazy months of gameplay reveals and network testing, Elden Ring is finally out, and it’s been greeted with the kind of critical acclaim that the most developers only dream of.

However, like all other modern releases from FromSoftware, Elden Ring is also difficult. It’s a game that often doesn’t tell you things that later become fully integral to the game’s mechanics, and while it does get your hands dirty more than some in the Souls series, you may still need some help. Here are some quick tips to get you started with the game.

Don’t sweat your starting class, but don’t pick Wretch

The way leveling and experience work in Elden Ring means you can build a character to your own specifications over time, even if you realize your starting choice is misleading you.

That’s great to know, because it means you don’t have to spend twenty minutes thinking about what to choose when the game starts – pick one that looks nice and see how you do! If you want a melee-focused build, the armored classes are good options, while those with high spirits and faith are ideal for magical casting.

The one thing to avoid, however, is the Wretch; it’s for players who want to challenge or punish themselves, and there’s no benefit to choosing it – so don’t do it!

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Practice battles on weaker enemies

Elden Ring opens with a few short areas for you to traverse, including the required boss to kill you instantly. After that, you’ll learn the basics of fighting some weak foes, and we recommend taking it easy here.

Instead of continuing with clumsy but quick kills, take the time to learn how to block properly and experiment with the timing of those blocks and dodges – you’ll thank yourself a little while later, when enemies get a lot, start hitting harder.

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Don’t be afraid to run away

Once you reach the upper world of Limgrave at the start of the game, you’ll encounter enemies as you move around, and there’s one patrolling right out of the gate on a huge horse. He’s almost explicitly there to teach you a lesson – namely, you can’t take down many enemies right now, so try to walk around it.

It’s a tactic that will remain useful for pretty much the entire game, so if you see a massive enemy and think he’s likely to crush you, the game may reward you for staying out of the fight until you’re better equipped to take it on. .

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Read more about the starter gifts

When you start the game, in addition to a class, you can select a one-time memento to start the game with. These are worth searching the internet for as they all offer interesting benefits, but if you just want to browse through, our top pick for a beginner is the Golden Seed.

This will allow you to add a charge to your healing bottle very early in the game, and although you’ll find more later on that early safety net is worth its weight in gold in our opinion.

Pay attention to your surroundings

In the early stages of the game, there are a number of locations that hide items that are really valuable and useful, but can easily fly past if you’re not careful. For example, the Gatefront Ruins you’ll encounter, patrolled by a bunch of enemies, also has a small basement room that you can access via a staircase.

In it you will find an item to unlock a mechanic called the Ashes of War, to help you make your weapons take on new attributes. It’s something we missed several times when we were clearing the ruins, and it offers us another valuable lesson – keep your eyes peeled and check every corner!

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Don’t get greedy!

Like the Souls games before it, Elden Ring lets you collect XP from enemies as you defeat them, but if you die, you risk losing everything. Only when you get to the place where you died in the next life can you reclaim your progress, which also acts as currency.

It’s a classic risk-reward mechanism, but all we can say is that once you’ve collected enough runes to level up a few times, you’ll need to be wary of getting into dangerous or unfamiliar battles – quickly travel to a safe point to level up and count on progressing might be the wisest option.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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