Enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox

If you come across a site that asks you to enable JavaScript, or if you want to run your own scripts, you must first enable JavaScript in your Mozilla Firefox browser. Here’s how to do that.

In Firefox, JavaScript is enabled by default. However, if you or another user turned it off, you can easily turn it back on. Also note that the instructions in this guide apply to the desktop version of Firefox. In mobile Firefox, JavaScript is always enabled.

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Enable and disable JavaScript in Firefox

To enable JavaScript in Firefox, first launch the Firefox app on your computer.

Type the following into the Firefox address bar at the top and press Enter:


You will see the message ‘Proceed with care’. Click the “Accept Risk and Continue” button here.

On the page that opens, type the following in the “Search Preference Name” box at the top:


You will see several search results. Click here to enable JavaScript, next to the “javascript.enabled” value on the toggle button

The value next to “javascript.enabled” changes to “true”, indicating that the feature is now enabled in the browser.

To disable JavaScript in Firefox again, click the toggle button again next to the “javascript.enabled” value.

And that’s how you allow (and disallow) JavaScripts in Firefox!

Want to enable or disable JavaScript in Chrome? If so, there’s an equally easy way to do that.

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