Enable Location Services on iPhone

The “Location Services” option on your iPhone allows you to allow or disallow apps from using your phone’s GPS location. You can manage this on a per-app basis as well as system-wide. We’ll show you how.

As long as Location Services is turned off, your apps won’t be able to track your GPS location. If you come across an app that needs location data (like a food delivery app) to function, you can easily enable the option. You can also give just a few chosen apps your whereabouts while blocking them from all other apps, as we’ll explain below.

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Enable Location Services (GPS) on iPhone

To enable your phone’s location services, open the Settings app on your iPhone.

In Settings, scroll down a bit and tap “Privacy.”

On the “Privacy” page, tap “Location Services” at the top.

Check the “Location Services” option to enable the feature.

From now on, your allowed apps can find your whereabouts using the newly enabled feature.

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Manage location services for specific apps on iPhone

If you want to grant or deny access to your location for certain apps, here’s how to do it.

Open Settings on your iPhone and go to Privacy > Location Services. Make sure the “Location Services” switch is turned on at the top.

Scroll down the page to see your installed apps. Tap here on the app for which you want to control location access.

On the app’s page, you have three location permission options to choose from:

Never: To never allow this app to use your location data, select this option. While using the app: To allow the app to use your location only when you are using the app, select this option. This prevents the app access your location in the background. Always: Select this option to always allow the app to use your location information.

After you select an option, your iPhone will automatically save your changes.

And that’s how you allow and prohibit apps from accessing your whereabouts on your iPhone. Very useful!

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