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(Pocket Ribbon) – Nothing announced that it had ambitions to launch a smartphone at its event on March 23, 2022. We say event, it was more of a monologue from Carl Pei – the founder of nothing – detailing how technology had gotten old and it was time for a change.

Nothing’s second product is the Nothing phone (1) and here’s everything we know about it.

Publication date

There is no confirmed launch date for the Nothing phone (1), but it is targeting a summer launch.

There’s no word on pre-orders, ship dates, or anything else — just that it’s coming mid-2022.

Design and build

Literally nothing has been shared over the phone apart from the image above. Many have drawn a box around it and suggested that it is the back of the phone – just like we’ve done before.

That would suggest a camera on the top left and a wireless charging coil on the back. With Nothing ear (1) with a translucent finish, there is the suggestion that the line could be from Nothing.

We’ve seen that before from both HTC and Xiaomi so there’s nothing new, but it might make this phone look a little different.

The top right line remains a mystery – it looks like a wink and could be some sort of wink to notifications. We also gladly accept that this could all be a red herring to let people speculate, and nothing more.

Hardware Specifications

We know very little about the actual hardware specifications for the phone. Nothing has announced that it is partnering with Qualcomm and we know it will be at the heart of the Nothing phone (1).

There is no telling which Snapdragon SoC it could use. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 would frame this as a flagship device, but this would also make it an expensive device. With an emphasis on efficiency and experience, it could step back to something in the Snapdragon 700 series and still offer a premium experience, but potential customers might not accept anything other than flagship-level hardware.

Other than that, literally nothing is known yet.


In the field of software, we know a little more. We know it’s going to be an Android phone, and we know it’s not going to duplicate Google’s apps, suggesting it’s going to be pretty close to stock.

But we do know that it will run Nothing OS and you can try out that experience thanks to the Android launcher that Nothing will be available in April.

Through Bag-fluff Promotion
March 3, 2022

But otherwise nothing has broad ambitions for what it wants to achieve more than anything else talk about the ecosystem – so it’s likely nothing here wants to set itself apart, offering a smoother experience interacting with other devices.

Written by Chris Hall. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.

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