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(Pocket Ribbon) – Netflix’s Drive to Survive series is brilliant. The focus is on Formula 1, but we wouldn’t say you have to be a Formula 1 fan to appreciate it. You might even find that you like the series more than a die-hard F1 fan, as you may not necessarily know the results of some races, which makes the episodes more exciting. Meanwhile, F1 fans are getting to see things from a different perspective. It’s a win win.

By focusing on the drama on and off the track, Drive to Survive has given us a great insight into the last four F1 seasons, the teams and the drivers, but will it stay that way? While a season five of Drive to Survive has yet to be confirmed, there is some evidence that it is happening.

Here’s everything we’ve heard so far about Drive to Survive Season 5.

Drive to Survive Season 5 Release Date

A Season 5 of Drive to Survive has yet to be confirmed, although we expect it to. Season 4 was not confirmed by Netflix until August 2021 and was subsequently released in March 2022.

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see a similar timeline for season 5. It could take a few months for this to be confirmed, but if it does, we expect it to be released around March 2023. the 2022 F1 season to end and final production to happen.

Will there be a Drive to Survive season 5?

Netflix was in Barcelona for pre-season testing and it probably wasn’t just for fun, so a season 5 looks promising. Planet Sport tweeted a photo showing evidence of the presence of streaming platforms, initially sparking speculation.

Since then Drive to Survive producers spoke to The Radio Times† In the interview, producer James Gay-Rees told the publication: “I was in Barcelona [for F1 testing] last weekend at the table with Christian [Horner] and Toto [Wolff] and they say, ‘We’re here again, it’s started again'”

When asked directly about a season 5, Gay-Rees said: “We hope so. We are still talking about it. Obviously the season is approaching, so we will try to make it happen. It is in discussion. “

Fellow producer, Paul Martin, then told The Radio Times: “He wasn’t actually in Barcelona for his holiday!”

Martin added: “If the appetite is there, I think it can run and run.”

How to Watch Drive to Survive Season 5

If we’re treated to a Drive to Survive season 5, you can fully expect it to be on Netflix. Like Bridgerton, it’s a streaming platform exclusive, so you’ll need to make sure you have your subscription ready if you want to watch future seasons or catch up on past seasons.

What is the best streaming device for your TV? Our top recommendation is the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max† Also excellent are the Google Chromecast with Google TVthe Roku Express 4Kthe Apple TV 4K and the Amazon Fire TV Stick

What to expect from Drive to Survive Season 5

We expect Drive to Survive Season 5 to follow a similar pattern to previous seasons. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? We would therefore expect each episode to focus on one or two of the teams and the build-up to a particular race or races. In that focus, there will likely again be interviews with the drivers involved, as well as the team principles, and you’ll get an insight into the drivers and rivalry, as well as any drama.

You also get analysis from F1 journalists like Will Buxton, who offer a different perspective or take on whatever happens off the track.

As Season 5 has not yet been confirmed, we don’t know which teams or drivers have agreed to participate. Last year we saw Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, Renault and Scuderia Ferrari all in attendance, along with drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo, George Russell, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris and Sergio Perez.

Max Verstappen didn’t take part in Season 4 despite being part of previous seasons so it’s possible we won’t see him in Season 5 either, although Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner has played a big part in the past. the show, so we don’t expect to miss too much of the Red Bull action, even if Verstappen doesn’t return.

How many episodes does Drive to Survive season 5 have?

Seasons one through four of Drive to Survive have all had 10 episodes. It is therefore very likely that Season 5 will offer the same if it is confirmed.

How to catch up with previous Drive to Survive Seasons 1-4

All previous seasons of Drive to Survive are available to watch on Netflix. Seasons one, two, three and four are all available to watch now after Season 4 aired on March 11, 2022.

Anything else worth knowing?

If you’re a Formula 1 fan, there’s plenty to see in the way of docuseries right now, while you wait to see if Drive to Survive returns.

Sky has a two part documentary called Duel: Hamilton vs Verstappen. you must have one Sky subscriptionor a NOW entertainment subscription but it’s worth a look.

Apple TV+ is also working with Lewis Hamilton on a documentary about the seven-time world champion. We don’t know when it will air yet, but you can read everything we know so far in our separate section.

Written by Britta O’Boyle.

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