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(Pocket Ribbon) – Apex Legends is one of our favorite shooters on console and PC, a brilliant free-to-play title that breathed new life into the battle royale genre when it was released, impressively reinventing itself over seasons of new content.

Now it’s coming to mobile – EA has confirmed that the game is intended for a wide release, although it’s currently in a limited regional phase. Find out everything you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile here.

Apex Legends Mobile release date

EA announced the existence of Apex Legends Mobile way back in 2021 and did so in an understated way – just a blog post to confirm it was on its way. However, it contained a lot of important information about when the game will actually be available.

If you search for it in the Google Play Store, you will see that there is already a mention, and that’s because the game had limited testing in a few markets. These beta tests were initially limited to India and the Philippines so that players in those locations could try it out and provide feedback.

Now, EA has confirmed that the game will launch in the week of February 28, 2022 in the following regions: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

If you’re in one of those regions, have a nice day – but if you’re not, we’re assuming it won’t be too long before the game spreads a bit more and some other countries gain access. You can learn more about the game’s technical requirements and minimum specs in the blog post here


Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay

From what we’ve seen, Apex Legends Mobile is very much a distilled version of the main game – meaning you still get the core of the experience. There’s a selection of heroes to choose from, each with unique powers, and those powers made the transition beautiful.

You fall into the sky on the map and find loot lying around to equip yourself with, before slowly shrinking a circle to force players into the same areas. Whichever player or team remains standing will be crowned champion.

The weapons and characters in Apex Legends Mobile are all from the main game, so if you’ve played that version you’ll be on solid ground, but there’s one big change: it’s now in third person. You control your character more easily that way using touch controls, before jumping into first person when aiming through your weapon’s sight. This may be a minor difference, but it’s standard for many mobile shooters and will be well known to veterans of the hugely popular mobile version of PUBG.

Of course, the graphics have also taken quite a beating, and the early version of the game currently being played by testers doesn’t look too incredible. However, with the graphics settings on a more powerful phone, it should still look a bit more vibrant than many more bland military shooters.

Overall, it looks like a great version of the game given the limitations of the platform, and it makes sense that it was built from the ground up, with a simpler control scheme and some streamlined mechanics.


Apex Legends Mobile Story

Apex Legends tells an evolving story across the seasons on console and PC, but since this isn’t a direct port of that version, we don’t necessarily expect the mobile version to be too close to it.

At the moment there is no information at all on this side of things, but we suspect it will have its own battle passes and season system, much like the way Call of Duty: Mobile has its own ecosystem that is independent of the main games.

This will probably keep things simpler in the long run as there are completely separate developer teams working on the different games. It also means that we don’t expect the new Arenas mode to arrive on the mobile version anytime soon.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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