Fantasy Metaverse Island Bullieverse Creates Community Owned Platform for Arcade Games

bullieverse leads game enthusiasts and creators into uncharted territory to monetize creativity and new skills in a community-based metaverse. The project aims to lead a new wave of the digital economy through its open metaverse where individuals and digital creators can interact with each other, make decisions about the future of the virtual ecosphere, earn great rewards and enjoy a premium gaming experience in an immersive environment.

Driven by the mission to promote new levels of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), Bullieverse is committed to expanding its game world into a community-owned metaverse as more players and game designers join the NFT bandwagon. .

Built on a strong and loyal community base, powered by high-quality experiences, the project facilitates a player-controlled game landscape to encourage community development. Bullieverse employs a system that fairly compensates its community of game enthusiasts and creators who appreciate its unique collection of exciting NFT designs, immersive gameplay, and simple-yet-excellent game-making mechanics.

“At its core, Bullieverse is a gaming ecosystem. But we believe in compensating our community for their time and loyalty. Not only can our users own NFTs, but they can also use the NFTs to play our games. Our asset owners can rent and lease their assets to others in the community. The Metaverse can also host events and experiences for our community to enjoy and cherish. Over time, we will also be able to partner with other Metaverse economies,” the team said. game creation mechanisms,” the team said in a statement.

The blockchain-based gaming project is powered by an easy-to-build “low code” platform for community members who create and publish games. The result is a high-quality gaming platform, where users come not only to play and earn, but more importantly, to enjoy an otherworldly experience combined with a transparent and fair monetization mechanism that forms the basis for the Earn bullieverse game and economy.

Merging Gaming and Metaverse to Redefine Digital Experiences

Bullieverse encompasses play-and-earn, create-to-earn and asset ownership, DAO governance, and a decentralized marketplace on its gaming verse to reshape online gaming for users. Compared to other metaverse NFT projects, Bullieverse believes that a supply-demand network effect is possible as these different economic models converge in one market. It would be a marketplace that would be a self-reinforcing, virtuous cycle unlike any other the industry has experienced.

Speaking about how Bullieverse will create utility around non-fungible tokens in a fun way, Srini Anala, CEO and Co-Founder said, “Bullieverse was founded with a vision to create utility around NFTs, but in a fun and adventurous way. mission to create NFT utilities merged with gaming and metaverse game saw the rise of the Bulls we believe we are different and we have already started to demonstrate that through our execution – the quality of the design, the game experience, the platform design etc.”

The project will also launch Bull NFTs and Bear NFTs to embed NFT properties and reward NFT holders with exclusive benefits. Bullieverse will also publish an indicative roadmap to explain its NFT tools and early access timelines to these NFT launches.

With a team of adept developers and blockchain experts, thoughtful strategy and exciting gameplay, Bullieverse stands out from a sea of ​​competitors. The project has also attracted a number of heavyweights in the blockchain space, including Okex Ventures, Fundamental Labs, 6thMan Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Good Games Guild, LD Capital, Mask.Io, Formless Capital.

Over the next few years, guided by an interesting roadmap, Bullieverse is poised to evolve into an ever-expanding world of arcade games where individuals are limited only by their imaginations.

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