From almost zero to crypto hero

When PLC ultimate (PLCU) launched in 2021, which could have predicted that this new coin would become one of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies with a community of more than one million people in 120 countries around the world.

In addition, the speed with which PLCU has expanded its community and achieved this rating is particularly impressive. Within six months of its launch, PLCU had rivaled the world’s most famous cryptocurrency and in less than a year it sprinted past the leading Bitcoin to become more than twice its value.

How PLCU managed all this was no accident or the result of a clever marketing campaign that went viral. PLC Ultima’s incredible success is due to its founder, Alex Reinhardt, who has chosen to take a very different approach from the hundreds of other crypto projects launched each year.

The road to success

The technology behind PLCU is based on infrastructure developed in Switzerland about five years ago. The company’s developers used this infrastructure to build a custom platform and developed more than ten innovative crypto products in line with the company’s vision.

Unlike most coins available to buy, PLCU is not created as an investment vehicle that a trader buys, sits on and waits for its value to rise. This coin was made to be used, and the vision and business model behind it are very different from anything else out there.

In a recent interview, Alex Reinhardt stated: “My goal is to create a real economy in the crypto world through PLC Ultima. The vision is to become a mass-market cryptocurrency with the world’s largest user base.”

The community is the power behind PLCU, and it is they who drive the growth and value of the coin by doing what they normally do every day such as buying online, going to the supermarket and running their different types of businesses.

To support the community, PLCU has created an entire ecosystem (or cryptosystem) to make their lives as easy as possible. Innovative products enable the community to carry out their daily purchases, run a business or even generate income by minting new PLCU coins. In fact, they are a micro-economy with all the tools they need to not only function, but also thrive.

The best example of one of these products is the innovative PLC card. This is a physical crypto debit card that can be used online or at any location with an electronic payment terminal. The card has a unique dashboard that allows users to make payments using fiat or a selection of cryptocurrencies.

Keeping the community not only happy but also overjoyed is PLC Ultima’s number one priority, as community is the path that will lead to PLCU’s growth and continued success.

A growing community

PLC Ultima has ensured the continued growth of its community by providing them with everything they need and by listening to their wants, needs and suggestions to improve processes. It is the community that lives and works within the PLCU cryptosystem – therefore their feedback is invaluable.

Since the community itself is the driving force behind the company, the company believes that the community should benefit most from PLCU’s increasing value. Therefore, the company has implemented a number of steps to ensure that this happens, allowing the community to benefit more than the company itself.

For example, the company lowers the production of new coins every month and more than 50% of the coins are frozen for an entire year. The company also burns 1% of every transaction it processes, and the company burns 100% of its own coins so as not to compete with the community for liquidity.

By implementing these steps, the company builds trust in the currency. In addition, the community feels valued and rewarded for their loyalty. As a result, the community itself encourages others to join the project, further fueling the coin’s growth. So this produces a mutually beneficial relationship in which everyone wins.

A future with unlimited possibilities

PLCU’s success story proves that thinking outside the box and daring to take a different path can lead to memorable results. The entire crypto industry is still in its infancy and technology and ideas are improving every day.

The founder of PLC Ultima recently said: “I believe that crypto will continue to grow stronger, and we will see emerging technologies and applications that we could not even have imagined. The future looks exciting to me and I am sure it will be full of new opportunities.”

In a way no one could have predicted PLCUs unbelievable increase in such a short time. Who knows what opportunities will arise for PLC Ultima and what heights the company can reach by the time the industry reaches its teens?

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