Fun things you can do on the internet

The internet is a place where you can do an infinite number of things. From chatting with your long lost friend who last saw you in 3rd rank to watch a live stream from a farm sanctuary. There are so many things you probably didn’t even know were possible. But the world wide web has now made practically everything possible. Thanks to this technology, everything is within reach.

So if you think streaming movies and playing video games online is all you can do, sit back and let us fill you in on lots of fun things to do on the web today.

Before we begin, however, you should know that a fast internet connection is required to do all these things. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with your lazy internet making every job seem like you’re watching paint dry.

In this regard, you need an internet service provider that understands your need and meets your requirements. For this, Spectrum is one of the leading ISPs in the United States and knows how to impress its customers. The speed you get once you subscribe to this provider is really excellent. Not only this, its reliability is incredibly high, making it ideal for online surfing, browsing and everything we’re going to talk about.

Without creating any more delays, let’s jump right into the world of fun online activities that you can do today.

Enroll at Ivy League College

Sounds too good to be true, right? The internet has made it a breeze. You can take free online classes through any Ivy League school of your choice. This was made possible by the Klas Centraal. Just get on this platform, type your desired course into the search engine and fly your geek flag high.

You can take courses from colleges like Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, etc. The best part is that they are free. That said, you can take advantage of the internet today and make your dreams come true immediately.

Become someone’s virtual assistant

The internet has enabled people to do noble and virtuous things without regard for selfish reasons. You can become a virtual assistant for anyone with a visual impairment around the world. For this you need to use the Be My Eyes app. It allows you to guide people with a visual impairment or people who live alone and need the help of someone live.

This application has quite a meaning, especially considering that there are several people who may need to go to the store but have no one to help them with it. Not only this, you can help people who could be color blind in distinguishing colors. Plus, you can help check expiration dates on select products, read instructions, double-check labels, and more.

You would be surprised to know the popularity of this app. Currently, more than 200,000 visually impaired people use Are My Eyes to seek help from others. In addition, more than three million people offer their assistance to said people in navigating their daily tasks.

So, if you are looking for an activity that makes sense and also helps you contribute to society, download this app on your iOS or Android.

Check your geographic knowledge

Do you think you can guess any part of the world just by looking at the picture? With Geoguessr, you get a random screenshot of a Google Street View from any part of the world, and then you have to click on a map to actually guess the said area.

This is what we like to call a cool way to spend time online. All you need to do is look for various clues and test your geographic competence. You might end up appreciating your brain for being so good at the whole guessing game. But for this you have to try and play.

Chat with Cleverbot

Looking forward to a fun, but really disturbing activity? then go to Cleverbot and start a conversation with this artificial intelligence that could eventually sneak up on you. You can prepare yourself for some strange, funny and equally discouraging interactions.

While you’re at it, you can also prepare yourself for some pretty hilarious roasting. The bot is really wild sometimes. So, if this is your thing, head over to this platform and start a conversation with artificial intelligence.

Put your face on your pet’s face

Okay, we’ve all wondered what our pet would look like if he had our nose. Don’t be ashamed of this. Certainly not anymore because now you can actually see what your cat would look like if she had your eyes or your nose. With Petswitch you can easily put your facial features on your pet’s face.

We know it sounds crazy, but it’s so much fun. If you do not have pets, you can also view photos of them available in the gallery of this website. You can select one and then let the magic happen.

However, make sure that the two images are facing the same direction and that not one of them is tilted in a different direction.

Sum up

You can do whatever you want if you have fast internet. Anyone looking for fun and cool activities to do that no one has ever thought of can check out the ones mentioned above. We guarantee that you will have a lot of fun doing these things.

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