Google has made it much easier to change your compromised passwords

It’s almost a given that if you’ve ever entered your email address on a website or signed up for a service, hackers will break through it at some point.

When you get the dreaded notification that your account information is part of a massive database leak, you usually have to go through the tedious process of changing passwords. Unfortunately, people aren’t creative when it comes to passwords, which is almost as bad as not changing them.

Fortunately, Google Assistant can help. Read on to learn how to use the smart assistant to change your credentials.

Here’s the backstory

Google’s Chrome browser may have been warning you for a while if your login details are included in a data breach† The browser will helpfully suggest which sites are using those credentials, but it’s up to you to change the passwords manually.

Google has now moved that process to Chrome for Android phones, and the Google Assistant can help you change compromised passwords.

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If Google Chrome detects a password breach, you will see a pop-up on the screen. “Chrome found the password you just used in a data breach. Your Google Assistant can change your password automatically,” the message reads.

You can close the message or click the Auto Change button. With the last option, you let the assistant take over the wheel and you come up with a new password. It is then updated and saved in Chrome’s password manager.

What can you do about it?

As mentioned, the Google Assistant password update is only on Android phones for now. There is no indication whether the feature will make its way to iOS. However, iPhone users may still see compromised passwords in Chrome. Here’s how:

Open Chrome on your iPhone. Tap your name or picture in the top right corner. Select Passwords. Under Check passwords, tap Check now. A list of compromised passwords appears.

But it comes with a warning for both Android and iOS. Websites handle password changes differently and only a few are currently compatible with Google Assistant. For example, Chrome shows a compromised password, but says “Change password on website.”

To see if your Android device’s Chrome app includes the new feature, open the Chrome app, tap Settings, then tap Passwords. If a website is compatible, you’ll see a Google Assistant balloon next to it with Change Password instead of the regular arrow.

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Your daily dose of tech smarts

Learn the tech tips and tricks only the pros know.

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