Google just introduced a whole new way to search for things online

You might consider yourself a ninja when you search for things online, but it can be tricky at times. For example, how do you search for a specific dress if you don’t know who the designer is?

You may also not be able to articulate exactly what you are looking for. That usually leaves you with two options: give up or resign yourself to spending too much time going through countless search results.

Fortunately, Google just rolled out a third option to make your searches faster and effortless. Multisearch in Lens lets you find text and images at the same time.

This is how it works

Google Lens is image recognition technology that helps you find things online based on what you see through your phone’s camera. It is designed to show you relevant information about objects it identifies. You need to open the free google app on your phone and tap the camera icon next to the search bar to use the feature.

You can also use the free Google Lens App

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If you quickly snap a photo of things like a flower, an animal, or a chair, Google will return similar results. It’s a great way to identify unknown objects, but it works just as well with words.

When you select text at the bottom, the words are scanned and you can search for them or copy them to a notebook. If the text isn’t in your native language, Google will translate it for you.

Search with Google Lens

In the latest update to Google Lens, you can now use images and text questions to refine searches. The first question is the same (take a quick photo of the object), but when you swipe up and tap the + Add button to your search, you can add questions.

For example, you took a photo of a dress and ran it through Google Lens. Some results should show up, but when you add the word green through the new feature, the results will show you only green dresses in that style.

But it doesn’t just work for fashion items. google explains in a blog post that you can take a picture of a houseplant and add ‘care instructions’ to your search. What should follow is the best way to care for the plant.

According to Google, multisearch allows you to ask a question about an object in front of you or narrow your search by color, brand or a visual attribute. Here are some practical applications:

Take a screenshot of a stylish orange dress and add the search query ‘green’ to find it in a different color. Take a photo of your dining area and add the search “coffee table” to find a matching table. Take a picture of your rosemary plant and include the “care instructions” question.

The added functionality is still in beta in the US, so it is not yet fully operational. But Google says you should get the best results when shopping.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that searches for “Sunflower Swimsuit” have skyrocketed lately. In a separate blog post about the fashion trends that are warming up in spring, flowers and the color green seem to be the must-have items.

Are you looking for a handbag with flowers? You are not alone as Google saw the number of searches for this fashion trend increase by 140% in the past month. In addition, searches for “green glitter nails” increased by 130%, while search volume for “green Prada shoes” doubled.

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