Google One’s VPN service is now available for iPhone users

(Pocket Ribbon) – Google offers a Google One cloud storage and subscription bundle with a handy VPN service. Now that VPN service is finally available to iPhone and iPad users — at no extra cost.

Basically, if you pay for 2 TB or more of Google One storage, you now also get a VPN for your device – whether you have an Android or an iOS device. The VPN is available to users in 18 countries, including the US and UK. As a Google One member, you can also get a free online “Pro sessionwith experts from Google to learn how to use Google One’s VPN feature.

In fact, Google said you can schedule a session at any time to get in-depth help on a wide variety of topics at both “basic level and advanced level”. You’ll receive an email confirmation and a Google invite when you sign up for a Pro session. The invitation includes a link to join an online screen-sharing session with an expert at your scheduled time. Easy.

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Google One’s VPN has one major drawback: you don’t get an IP address in another country, meaning you can’t use the service to access locked shows on streaming services like Netflix.

However, in his blog post, Google has announced some new VPN features especially for Android users, including a “secure disconnect” feature that disables internet access if the VPN is disconnected.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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